What does the pinion crush sleeve do?

What does the pinion crush sleeve do?

Moderator. It’s not for bearing preload it’s like a lock washer for the pinion nut. It springs back around . 015 and keeps a constant pressure on the pinion nut through the front pinion bearings inner race and yoke.

Can I reuse pinion crush sleeve?

The best way to reuse a crush sleeve is to slide it over a piece of pipe and hit with a hammer to make it longer again. It won’t take as much force to crush it again but will ultimately do the job.

Should you replace crush sleeves?

No need to replace the crush sleeve. Yes it is a cheep part, but it’s not easy to get to it. It will require the removal of the differential. And then in most cases of installing the new sleeve with old bearing will put to much load on the bearings that have already developed a wear pattern.

Does a Dana 44 have a crush sleeve?

The Dana 44 does not use a crush sleeve.

Can you reuse a pinion nut?

Yes, you can safely remove and re-install the pinion nut on a 14-bolt. The trick is getting it tight enough without over-crushing the crush sleeve and affecting pinion bearing preload while not leaving it too loose so as to reduce pinion bearing preload and also risk it backing off.

Can you reuse a pinion crush washer?

To make a long story short, we had to reuse the original pinion crush sleeve because the new crush sleeve supplied with the rebuild kit would not “crush” enough using the recommended torque spec on the pinion nut to correctly seat the forward pinion bearing, which caused a whine when coasting.

Does a Dana 30 use a crush sleeve?

Crush sleeves are one-time-use components that must be replaced any time the axle pinion bearings are disturbed, such as during a gear swap or bearing replacement. Fits all Dana 30 front axles that use a crush sleeve, including 97-06 TJ Wranglers, 97-01 XJ Cherokees, and several other applications.

Can you reuse pinion nut?

Can you reuse a pinion seal?

You can reuse the pinion nut, but dab a liberal amount of thread locking compound on the threads. For axles with spacers, you can gun the pinion nut down with an impact gun and torque it to the proper spec. See all 10 photos. We finished up our seal install with some new U-joint U-bolts.

How tight should a pinion nut be?

Be careful a quarter turn past optimum is way too tight. You only want 12-20 in. lbs of torque on the free spinning pinion. If you go too tight, the only thing to do is take it apart and crush a new sleeve.

Should you use Loctite on pinion nut?

The Pinion nuts are lock nuts by design, I dont use loctite on them, never have. I would say if it would make you feel comfortable, sure, then go ahead. You *should* buy a new nut, but I will tell you whenever I have had to do pinion seals on my axles, I dont.