What does speaking articulately mean?

What does speaking articulately mean?

: able to express ideas clearly and effectively in speech or writing. : clearly expressed and easily understood. articulate.

What to use instead of this explains?

What is another word for this explains?

this shows this confirms
this demonstrates this establishes
this exposes this indicates
this proves this reveals
this supports this validates

What is the another word for articulate?

What is another word for articulate?

eloquent fluent
coherent expressive
communicative intelligible
effective persuasive
vocal clear

What is another word for clearly defined?

certainly, plainly, undoubtedly, obviously, openly, definitely, surely, distinctly, precisely, apparently, evidently, positively, seemingly, acutely, decidedly, indubitably, markedly, purely, sharply, audibly.

What is the word for speaking clearly?

articulate. verbsay clearly, coherently. enunciate.

What is the synonym of explains?

Synonyms & Antonyms of explain

  • clarify,
  • clear (up),
  • construe,
  • demonstrate,
  • demystify,
  • elucidate,
  • explicate,
  • expound,

Is articulate a positive or negative word?

Articulate This is another word that on its surface may feel like a compliment, but it can carry unintended baggage. While it’s an adjective that can be a useful descriptor, it has problematic connotations when applied to groups where racist stereotypes suggest those individuals are typically less eloquent.

What is an antonym for clearly?

Opposite of in a clear manner. vaguely. ambiguously. indistinctly. loosely.

What is another word for crystal clear?

What is another word for crystal clear?

apparent clear
clear-cut distinct
evident lucid
obvious perspicuous
plain transparent

When people say your articulate?

If you describe someone as articulate, you mean that they are able to express their thoughts and ideas easily and well. She is an articulate young woman. When you articulate your ideas or feelings, you express them clearly in words.