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What does refraining from something mean?

What does refraining from something mean?

intransitive verb. : to keep oneself from doing, feeling, or indulging in something and especially from following a passing impulse refrained from having dessert. refrain. noun.

What is sentence Paribhasha?

A sentence is a group of words which, when they are written down, begin with a capital letter and end with a full stop, question mark, or exclamation mark. In a law court, a sentence is the punishment that a person receives after they have been found guilty of a crime.

How do you use complies in a sentence?

It’s only a castle if it complies with the local planning laws. It has also been ordered to hire an external monitor to ensure it complies. It is not clear that this provision complies with our international obligations.

How do you stop someone from doing something?


  1. stop. verb. to prevent someone from doing something, or to prevent something from happening.
  2. prevent. verb. to stop someone from doing something.
  3. check. verb. to stop yourself or someone else from doing something.
  4. restrain. verb.
  5. silence. verb.
  6. disturb. verb.
  7. keep from. phrasal verb.
  8. foil. verb.

What is a refrain example?

A phrase or line repeated at intervals within a poem, especially at the end of a stanza. See the refrain “jump back, honey, jump back” in Paul Lawrence Dunbar’s “A Negro Love Song” or “return and return again” in James Laughlin’s “O Best of All Nights, Return and Return Again.” Browse poems with a refrain.

What is the types of sentence?

Three essential types of sentence are declarative sentences (which are statements), interrogative sentences (which are questions), and imperative sentences (which are orders). Join us as we give examples of each!

What are some examples of compliance?

Buying something after being persuaded by a pushy salesperson or trying a particular brand of soda after seeing a commercial endorsement featuring your favorite celebrity are two examples of what is known as compliance.

What is comply with example?

To comply is to do what is asked of you or to act in accordance with a set of standards. An example of comply is when you are told to go to your room and you go. An example of comply is when you follow warranty laws when selling products.

How to use “enfranchise” in a sentence?

President Wilson is the chief opponent of their national enfranchisement “.

  • black bureaucratic enfranchisement has yet to affect black educational achievement.
  • The whole point of this is enfranchisement for those who have none.
  • Chamberlain espoused enfranchisement of rural workers and a lower cost of land.
  • What are some examples of refrain?

    Refrain is defined as to keep from doing, feeling or saying something. An example of refrain is for a child to hold his tongue instead of talking back to his parent. YourDictionary definition and usage example. “Refrain.”.

    What is the noun for refrain?

    The synonyms of “Refrain” are: forbear, abstain, desist, hold back, stop oneself, withhold, chorus According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “refrain” as a noun can have the following definitions: The part of a song where a soloist is joined by a group of singers. A section of text spoken by the chorus in drama.