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What does love you tons mean?

What does love you tons mean?

– “love you a ton” means “love you very much” Yes, it does.

What is a stronger word for I love You?

The phrase love you is typically said as part of the phrase I love you. Here’s a list of synonyms for love….What is another word for love you?

affection adoration
intimacy respect
amity amour
appreciation emotion
feeling fondness

What is another word for love you lots?

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7 »i love you so much
3 »love you dearly
3 »loved you very much
2 »love you a lot
2 »i love you more than anything

What are tons used for?

The ton is a unit of measure. It has a long history and has acquired a number of meanings and uses over the years. It is used principally as a unit of weight. Its original use as a measurement of volume has continued in the capacity of cargo ships and in terms such as the freight ton.

What is a ton in slang?

Ton is Cockney slang for 100. A ton can mean £100 but it is also used to indicate 100 miles an hour. Example: “He did the ton down at Boxhill last Sunday”.

Is LOL Lots of love?

LOL means “lots of love.” LOL is an acronym commonly used in texts and social media posts, and it means “laugh out loud.”

Who uses long tons?

In the United Kingdom, the (Imperial) ton is a statute measure, defined as 2,240 pounds (about 1,016 kg). In the United States and Canada, a ton is defined to be 2,000 pounds (907.18474 kg). Where confusion is possible, the 2240 lb ton is called “long ton” and the 2000 lb ton “short ton”.

Are there any synonyms for the word I Love You?

I Love You synonyms – 379 Words and Phrases for I Love You. i cherish you like nothing else. # adore , love. i adore you. # feelings , love. you’re everything to me. # adore , love. i’m devoted to you. # marriage.

Which is the best synonym for lots of Love?

Synonyms for Lots of love. Synonyms for. Lots of love. Hold to adjust. with love. adv. , int. with loving regards. adv. best wishes.

Are there any synonyms for the word tons?

Synonyms for tons. abundances, barrels, basketfuls. (also basketsful), boatloads, buckets, bunches, bundles,