What does Kithul taste like?

What does Kithul taste like?

At its purest, it boasts woody, floral, smoky and even savory notes and is used widely in Sri Lankan cuisine. It is also further boiled down and set into molds, usually fashioned out of empty coconut shells, to make little blocks of hakuru, or jaggery, a partially refined palm sugar used all over the island.

How do you use Kithul treacle?

How to use: Kithul honey can be used in many ways, be it in your tea or a welcome accompaniment to your fruit plate, pancakes, or yogurt or as a natural sweetener in any fresh juice, cakes, puddings or desserts.

Is Kithul treacle vegan?

Kithul Palm Treacle – All Natural Vegan and Gluten Free Sweetener is a form of smoky, thick and sweet liquid jaggery that is believed to be manufactured exclusively in Sri Lanka. The taste, texture and even colour may vary based on the age of the tree and the region.

Is Kithul treacle good for diabetics?

GI values were found to be 27.84 for treacle and 31.34 for jaggery. Our results indicate low GI values and, therefore kithul treacle and jaggery can be recommended for diets of diabetic patients as a superior substitute for white sugar.

What is kithul in English?

The epithet urens is Latin for “stinging” alluding to the chemicals in the fruit. Common names in English include solitary fishtail palm, kitul palm, toddy palm, wine palm, sago palm and jaggery palm. It is one of the sugar palms.

Is Kithul treacle healthy?

As an all-natural, chemical-free products with no additives or preservatives, Wild kithul treacle is considered a healthy alternative to granular sugar and refined syrups and sweeteners. The Kithul sap is rich in minerals; Potassium, Magnesium, Manganese, Calcium, Iron, Zinc, Copper Phosphorous and Vitamins C and A.

What is Karupatti called in English?

Palm Jaggery
Karupatti Or Palm Jaggery – Tamil Nadu’s Alternative To Sugar.

What is coconut treacle?

Made of rich, natural coconut sap extracted from coconut palms and refined using traditional Sri Lankan techniques, Senikma Coconut Treacle is a thick, golden nectar that is used as a healthy substitute for refined or processed sweeteners.