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What does it mean to wangle?

What does it mean to wangle?

: to resort to trickery or devious methods. transitive verb. 1 : to adjust or manipulate for personal or fraudulent ends. 2 : to make or get by devious means : finagle wangle an invitation.

What is another name for a plank?

The plank (also called a front hold, hover, or abdominal bridge) is an isometric core strength exercise that involves maintaining a position similar to a push-up for the maximum possible time.

What is another word for smugglers?

Smugglers Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for smugglers?

narcos connection
kingpins sources

What is the synonym of presume?

assume, suppose, dare say, imagine, take it, expect, believe, think, surmise, guess, judge, trust, conjecture, speculate, postulate, posit, hypothesize, deduce, divine, infer, conclude, presuppose, take for granted, take as read. 2’let me presume to give you a word of advice’

What do you mean by a bower?

bower \BOW-er\ noun. 1 : an attractive dwelling or retreat. 2 : a lady’s private apartment in a medieval hall or castle. 3 : a shelter (as in a garden) made with tree boughs or vines twined together : arbor.

What does ostensible mean in English?

1 : intended for display : open to view. 2 : being such in appearance : plausible rather than demonstrably true or real the ostensible purpose for the trip.

What is another word for bad omen?

What is another word for bad omen?

the writing on the wall ill omen
omen portent
augury forecast
foreshadowing forewarning
harbinger indication

What is the synonym of Brook?

countenance, tolerate, rill, run, creek, burn, rivulet, watercourse, branch, river, beck, runnel, streamlet, withstand, stomach, support, abide, bear, allow, go.

What is another word for intrude?

In this page you can discover 28 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for intrude, like: interrupt, interfere, encroach, trespass, interlope, leave, meddle, bother, irrupt, poke and obtrude.

What does the word smuggler means?

: one who smuggles something The traffic in drugs—especially cocaine—to Florida by sea and air from South America has been generating wealth to rival that of the tourist trade and attracting a cadre of ingenious and ruthless smugglers from around the world.—

What are two synonyms for presume?

synonyms for presume

  • assume.
  • count on.
  • guess.
  • infer.
  • pretend.
  • suppose.
  • surmise.
  • conjecture.

What is difference between assumption and presumption?

Presumption is the acceptance of something as true although it is not known for certain. Assumption is a thing that is accepted as true or as certain to happen, without proof.