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What does house and garden drip Clean do?

What does house and garden drip Clean do?

House and Garden Drip Clean acts like a magnet, removing dirt particles at every nutrient feeding so that piping and medium remain clean. This gives your nutrient program a clean slate to work on. Furthermore, Drip Clean gives plants a boost, improving their greenness and vitality.

Is Drip Clean safe for plants?

100% safe to your plants and compatible with all mediums and solutions. Specially designed to be used with tap or filtered water. Apply only 0.4 ml Drip Clean per gallon of feed solution as an additive at every feeding. One liter will last for 2,500 gallons!

Is Drip Clean a flushing agent?

House & Garden Drip Clean is a safe agent for use in medical facilities. Drip Clean reduces the need for flushing, as drip clean actively removes salt and dirt build up.

How to use house and garden drip Clean?

Prepare your nutrient container as follows: First add the base nutrient to your water filled container. Adjust the EC- and pH-values of the nutrient container. Finally add Drip Clean at 0.4 ml per gallon to your feed water. Your nutrient mixture is ready to use.

How do you flush a drip system?

Flush the system with clean water as follows: flush the mainlines first, then the manifold lines and finally the drip lines by opening several lines at a time (for example: ten lines) so that enough pressure is maintained to get a vigorous flush. Flush the lines for about 1 minute or until the water is clear.

Do drip lines get clogged?

The very tiny opening in most drip and micro-irrigation emitters can get clogged even in clean water. Minerals in the water or even the chemicals and fertilizers we use on our systems can build up and clog the emitter. See Troubleshooting Drippers for additional assistance with dripper operation.

How do you keep a drip emitter from clogging?

Eliminate microorganisms by proper disinfection and water treatment. Prevent sedimentation of chemicals in the irrigation system by adjusting pH levels, monitoring solubility limits of fertilizers and avoiding chemical interactions between fertilizers. Maintain the irrigation lines and emitters by periodical flushing.

What is PK booster?

P-K boosters are hydroponic supplements that you feed to your plant on top of a regular base nutrient. A P-K boost is strictly phosphorus and potassium, whereas a base nutrient has both macro and micronutrients.

How do I stop my drip lines from clogging?