What does foul language mean?

What does foul language mean?

adjective [usually ADJECTIVE noun] Foul language is offensive and contains swear words or rude words.

What is the meaning of foul mood in Hindi?

1 : a conscious state of mind or predominant emotion : feeling He’s been in a good mood all week. also : the expression of mood especially in art or literature. 2 archaic : a fit of anger : rage. 3a : a prevailing attitude the kind of mood that fostered the Salem witch trials— Nat Hentoff.

What is the meaning of foul Urdu?

1) foul. Verb. Make impure. The industrial wastes polluted the lake. آلودہ کرنا

What is foul and examples?

Examples of foul in a Sentence Adjective the foul odor of rotten eggs The medicine left a foul taste in my mouth. The weather has been foul all week. Noun He hit several fouls in a row. Verb pollutants that foul the air She fouled on her first long jump attempt. He was fouled as he attempted the shot.

What is inappropriate language?

Swear or curse. Use variations of inappropriate words or curse words and phrases, for example, “shat”, “flucking”, “biatch”, etc. Use sensitive words in an insulting or joking manner, like “retarded”, “gay”, etc. Use racial, stereotypical, or culturally insensitive words. Blame others.

What is another word for foul language?

What is another word for foul language?

oath expletive
blasphemy curse
profanity cuss
imprecation obscenity
swearing vulgarism

What is an example of a mood?

Mood is an internal state of feeling that is less intense and lasts longer than emotions. Affect is how you express your emotions and mood. Emotions can be outwardly expressed, while mood cannot. Some examples of mood are sad, depressed, detached, and peaceful.

What is called mood?

mood 1. / (muːd) / noun. a temporary state of mind or tempera cheerful mood. a sullen or gloomy state of mind, esp when temporaryshe’s in a mood.

How do you use foul in a sentence?

The police said they had no reason to suspect foul play .

  1. The foul smell made her gag.
  2. The house was filled with foul odour.
  3. Factory chimneys foul the air with smoke.
  4. So far, the police do not suspect foul play.
  5. Foul play will be severely penalized.
  6. Foul drinking water was blamed for the epidemic.

What is a foul word?

How do I use foul in a sentence?