What does dental Code D0603 mean?

What does dental Code D0603 mean?

caries risk assessment and documentation
D0603 caries risk assessment and documentation, with a finding of high risk.

What is the difference between D1206 and D1208?

D1206 refers to professionally applied fluoride varnish and D1208 is any topical application of fluoride including fluoride gels or fluoride foams (excluding fluoride varnish).

What is dental Code D1120?

D1120 prophylaxis—child Age 13 or younger Definition: A primarily preventive treatment intended to control local irritational factors by the removal of plaque, calculus and stains from the tooth structures in the permanent and transitional dentition.

What is dental Code D0330?

Radiographic images are ordered by the dentist per the needs of the patient. In some cases, a full series (D0210) is alternated with a panoramic image (D0330) every three or five years.

What is dental procedure code D1110?

D1110: Prophylaxis – Adult Removal of plaque, calculus, and stains from the tooth structures in the permanent and transitional dentition. This code is preventive in nature, but there may be generalized slight gingivitis, or localized moderate to severe gingivitis.

What is dental Code D1999?

“Prior to such adjustments taking effect, dental offices may wish to use CDT code ‘D1999 – unspecified preventive procedure, by report’ to document and report the use and cost of additional PPE,” according to the statement. “Dentists can use this code once per patient visit/claim to attempt to cover the cost of PPE.

What is dental procedure code D0120?

The periodic oral evaluation (D0120) includes an oral cancer evaluation. It would be considered the standard of care to perform an oral cancer evaluation.

What is the code for fluoride?

The CPT 99188 code, as maintained by American Medical Association, is a medical procedural code under the range—Other Medicine Services and Procedures, so it is not designated specifically for application of FV but does include other medical procedural codes. The ICD-10 medical diagnosis code Z29.

What is dental Code D1110?

A dental prophylaxis (D1110) “is performed on transitional or permanent dentition, which includes scaling and polishing procedures to remove coronal plaque, calculus, and stains.”

What is dental Code D0220?

D0220. Intraoral Periapical First Radiographic Image.

What is dental Code D3410?

D3410. apicoectomy – anterior. For surgery on root of anterior tooth.

What is dental procedure code D0274?

D0274 Bitewings – four films. D0277 Vertical bitewings – 7 to 8 films. Coverage is limited to 2 of any of these procedures per 1 benefit period.