What does back of house mean?

What does back of house mean?

The back of house, also known as BOH, is a term used for all the behind-the-scenes action that customers typically do not see. This usually includes the kitchen, where the food is prepped and cooked. It can also include employee break rooms and any office space you might have.

What does FOH and BOH mean?

‍Back of House (BOH): The back of house (BOH) is the kitchen, the dish pit, and any storage, refrigerators, or walk-ins connected to the kitchen. As opposed to the front of house (FOH), where the dining room and bar are located.

Which position is considered back of the house?

The back of the house, also known as the BOH, encompasses all the behind-the-scenes areas that customers will not see. This acts as the central command center in a restaurant because it’s where the food is prepared, cooked, and plated before making its way to the customer’s table.

What is a front of house position?

It’s where your customers order and dine. It includes everything from the host stand and waiting area to the dining room, bar, outdoor seating, and restrooms. Your front-of-house staff might include a host or hostess, servers, bartenders, and the general manager — basically anyone who might interact with customers.

What is back of house Chick Fil A?

Back of House Team Member As a BOH Team Member, you will support the kitchen team, assemble food & drink orders quickly and accurately, and ensure each guest leaves with a smile. We are looking for friendly, enthusiastic people who enjoy serving customers.

What is retail back of house?

You will be responsible for receiving deliveries, organising and replenishing stock, maintaining the stock room and ensuring all back-office operations are complete. To be successful, you’ll need retail (or related) experience and be guided by a customer-first mindset.

Is Expeditor FOH or Boh?

An expeditor is a liaison between the BOH and FOH and works to make sure the plates get out to the guests properly and quickly and often performs a final quality check. Often, the expeditor is the executive chef or sous chef.

Why are front of house activities important?

The goal is to establish relationships, build camaraderie and open the lines of communication. Front of house staff are the face of the hotel, interacting with guests and providing an experience. Back of house employees, on the other hand, work behind the scenes to ensure everything is running smoothly.

Why are kitchens at the back of the house?

Most kitchens are placed in the rear of the house. Access to a rear kitchen door allowed for faster disposal of waste and easy ventilation; also, deliveries could be made directly to the kitchen to save labor.

What makes a good front of house?

Front of House Employee Characteristics Adept at handling customer complaints. Service oriented. Comfortable meeting and greeting new people. Able to multi-task with ease.

What are examples of front of the house jobs?

At a restaurant, front of the house might include wait staff, bussers, sommeliers or anyone who deals with the overall dining experience. While technically not part of the FOH or BOH teams, successful restaurants often have active restaurant owners who will bridge the gap working on guest service and behind the scenes.

What does front of house general mean at Chick-Fil-A?

The front of house has many responsibilities, primarily being the face of Chick-Fil-A. It is important to have a positive attitude when working up front. Another responsibility is ensuring the cleanliness of the restaurant, as well as getting the correct food to the customer in a timely fashion.