What does a resident assistant do?

What does a resident assistant do?

A resident assistant is responsible for serving the needs of patients living in long-term care and retirement facilities. They help chronically ill, disabled and less independent residents with activities of daily living such as bathing, using the toilet, eating, dressing and washing.

Who is a residential living assistant?

Residential Living Assistant provides individualized care to the patients of a group home or residential living facility. Assists the patients on daily basis with personal care and hygiene. Being a Residential Living Assistant transports patients within the facility or on supervised outings.

How do I prepare for a residency Assistant interview?

Before the InterviewReview Residential Life policies.Think about what type of community would be a good fit for you. Reflect on your personal characteristics, skills, and knowledge.Consider how past experiences connect with the RA position.Know the job. Think about why you want to be an RA.

What should I wear to a residency Assistant interview?

Appropriate dress typically includes slacks/khakis, a dress shirt/blouse, open- collar or polo shirt, a dress or skirt at knee- length or below, a tailored blazer, knit shirt or sweater, and loafers or dress shoes. A tie or sport coat is optional, not necessary.

What being an RA has taught me?

One of the biggest things that being an RA has taught me is to have patience. For many incoming college students, the RA’s are the first people that they get to have a full and meaningful conversation with. The Residence Life team is on campus early to move everyone in, and to help them feel welcome at York College.