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What did Aunt Ada see in the woodshed?

What did Aunt Ada see in the woodshed?

Reference to Cold Comfort Farm usually triggers the famous quote that there was ‘something nasty in the woodshed’. Aunt Ada Doom claims to have seen it when she was ‘no bigger than a titty wren’.

What is the theme of Cold Comfort Farm?

Cold Comfort Farm makes fun of the “Dominant Grandmother Theme” which Flora recognizes is “found in all typical novels of agricultural life”. Like the other characters, Aunt Ada Doom is presented in the extreme, claiming madness for something she saw in the woodshed when she was only two years old.

Is Cold Comfort Farm set in the future?

Set in an unspecified “near future”, some time after “the Anglo-Nicaraguan wars of 1946”, the novel commutes by air (now commonplace for short-hop travel) between No 1 Mouse Place, a snug little house in fashionable Lambeth, and the brooding fastness of the chilly farm, somewhere in the wilds of Sussex.

What is Cold Comfort Farm a parody of?

Cold Comfort Farm is a parody of the doomy, tragic, close-to-the-earth gothic novels of writers like Mary Webb and DH Lawrence, and, earlier, Thomas Hardy.

Who saw something nasty in the woodshed?

Aunt Ada Doom
Cold Comfort Farm’s Aunt Ada Doom famously saw “something nasty in the woodshed!” (or the potting shed, or the bicycle shed), and was waited on hand and foot and could never be contradicted on anything for decades.

What happens in conference at Cold Comfort Farm?

Conference at Cold Comfort Farm doesn’t really stand on its own, but it is enjoyable to find out what Stella Gibbons imagined happened to Flora and the Starkadders. Glad I got this one from the library.

What was the movie Cold Comfort Farm about?

British fiction is packed with stories of forlorn orphans being shipped off to live with stone-hearted relatives. “Cold Comfort Farm” satirizes those stories. This time, the dreadful relatives find their lives in an uproar; they get more than they expect and better than they deserve.

Are there any Starkadders in Cold Comfort Farm?

And worst of all, there are no Starkadders at Cold Comfort Farm. All the he-cousins have gone abroad to make their fortunes and the female cousins are having a pretty thin time of it. Once again the sensible Flora decides to take the situation in hand.

Is the book Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibbons good?

Stella Gibbons is so much fun. It was great to be back at Cold Comfort Farm with Robert Poste’s Child. Not quite as hilarious as the first one, but I really appreciated the throwbacks, such as Adam Lambreath’s little mop, and Feckless the cow’s 3 legged great granddaughter. Stella Gibbons is so much fun. Well.