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What devices are compatible with ActiveCaptain?

What devices are compatible with ActiveCaptain?

ActiveCaptain will connect with and register the chartplotter and all networked devices….The following STRIKER fishfinders are compatible with ActiveCaptain:

  • STRIKER Plus 7cv.
  • STRIKER Plus 7sv.
  • STRIKER Plus 9sv.
  • STRIKER Vivid 7cv.
  • STRIKER Vivid 7sv.
  • STRIKER Vivid 9sv.

What is ActiveCaptain good for?

The free, all-in-one ActiveCaptain app allows a user to manage their marine experience from nearly anywhere. It creates a simple yet powerful connection between a compatible mobile device and chartplotter, charts, maps, and the community. Make, save and transfer routes and waypoints between the app and chartplotter.

What happened to ActiveCaptain?

Yes, the current ActiveCaptain Community data feed will be discontinued on 5/23/2018, but it will be replaced with a new and purportedly improved application programming interface (API) that also meets the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

How do I download Garmin ActiveCaptain?

Download Software through the ActiveCaptain app

  1. In the ActiveCaptain app, select My Marine Devices.
  2. The app will automatically search for available updates; if an update is available, a blue Download button displays at the top of the page press that button to continue.

How do I get rid of ActiveCaptain community?

The ActiveCaptain Community Layer will be ON by default in Map Options and can be turned on/off from the Map Options section, right below Community Edits, and is not visible on the GOVT chart layer.

What is ActiveCaptain OneChart?

A OneChart™ feature lets you access and update all your charts and maps from your mobile device and purchase new charts for use on your chartplotter. You can receive notifications and text messages on your chartplotter screen with ActiveCaptain™. ActiveCaptain™ automatically keeps your charts up to date.

How do I set up an ActiveCaptain community?

Downloading ActiveCaptain Community Content

  1. Download and install the ActiveCaptain app from the App Store (iOS) or the Google Play Store (Android)
  2. Open the app.
  3. Sign-in or create a Garmin account.
  4. Select Chart, along the bottom of the app.
  5. Select the Menu icon.
  6. Select Download ActiveCaptain Community.
  7. Select Download Content.

Did Garmin buy navionics?

Garmin is proud to announce that it has acquired Navionics S.p.A., a privately-held worldwide provider of electronic navigational charts and mobile applications for the marine industry.

How does Garmin ActiveCaptain work?

Wirelessly receive and install software updates from your mobile phone directly to your chartplotter. The ActiveCaptain community gets you the inside scoop on marinas and more from fellow boaters. Plan your trips and mark waypoints, then automatically see them on your chartplotter.

How do I update Livescope with ActiveCaptain?

Connect the mobile device to the ECHOMAP™ Plus device (Getting Started with the ActiveCaptain App). When a software update is available and you have internet access on your mobile device, select Software Updates > Download. The ActiveCaptain app downloads the update to the mobile device.

Does navionics work with active captain?

Active Captain Finally Arrives on Navionics Apps (Panbo)

How does the Garmin ActiveCaptain app work on my phone?

The app provides a quick and easy way for you to interact with your GPSMAP device and complete such tasks as sharing data, registering, updating the device software, and receiving mobile device notifications. From the GPSMAP device, select A/V, Gauges, Controls > ActiveCaptain. From the ActiveCaptain page, select Wi-Fi Network > Wi-Fi > On.

Can a memory card be used for ActiveCaptain?

After formatting the card for the ActiveCaptain app, you can transfer the user data back to the card ( Copying User Data to a Memory Card). Be sure the card is inserted each time you want to use the ActiveCaptain feature.

Is there a way to bypass activation on an iPhone 3G?

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