What databases do journalists use?

What databases do journalists use?

Sites for Journalists

  • Search all the Journalism Sites via Google Custom Search.
  • Journalist’s Resource: Knowledge-based Reporting.
  • Journalist’s Toolbox.
  • Nieman Reports: Covering Thought Leadership in Journalism.
  • Poynter Online.
  • Pew Research Center Journalism & Media.
  • Online News Association.

How do I find a journalist?

Google News is a good way to find media outlets (and then find the appropriate journalists) in your niche. Enter the names of your competitors or businesses similar to yours. You’ll get a list of outlets, blogs, news sites, etc. where they were featured—publications where you have a shot at getting coverage.

What is a press database?

A media database is a structured directory of journalist and influencer contact information. This allows communications professionals to search and find the right people to reach out to when seeking earned media coverage.

What do data journalists do?

A data journalist can collect data on a variety of topics to use in their reports. This includes making sure the data sources used are reliable. Data integrity is vital in journalism because the articles will be viewed by many readers.

How do journalists connect?

Tips From Journalists: How To Build Great Connections with Media

  1. Be easy to find when reporters need you.
  2. Before you pitch an idea for a story to a reporter, do some research about them.
  3. Once you’ve connected, find out reporters’ preferences. Every reporter is different.
  4. Pitch ideas thoughtfully.
  5. Keep in touch.

How do I create a media database?

How To Create An Excellent Media List

  1. Assess your target audience. The first thing you need to decide when creating your media list is who your target audience is and how best to reach them.
  2. Research media outlets.
  3. Find the right contact.
  4. Organise your information.
  5. Update your list.
  6. About the author.

How much does a media list cost?

Media Contacts List offers US media contacts, with the prices ranging from $25 to $1200 depending on the list. You can filter them by State, Industry, Media Type, or Area of Coverage to narrow down your choices.