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What company did Peter Saville work for?

What company did Peter Saville work for?

Factory Records
Design of record and CD covers. Peter Andrew Saville CBE (born 9 October 1955) is an English art director and graphic designer. He came to prominence for the many record sleeves he designed for Factory Records, which he co-founded in 1978 alongside Tony Wilson and Alan Erasmus.

Who designed the England football shirt?

When it comes to designing an England shirt, there’s no one better placed than MARTINE ROSE. Since launching her eponymous label in 2007, the London designer has cultivated a world around communities, tribes and subcultures.

What was Peter Saville known for?

Peter Saville is a graphic designer known predominantly for his edgy work for the music and fashion industries. Saville’s career began in the late 1970s in Manchester, England, at the nascent Factory Records, an independent label that went on to …

Where is Peter Saville from?

Manchester, United KingdomPeter Saville / Place of birth

Who owned factory records?

In 2012, Peter Saville and James Nice formed a new company called Factory Records Ltd., in association with Alan Erasmus and Oliver Wilson (son of Tony). This released only a vinyl reissue of From the Hip by Section 25.

Who designed new order covers?

Peter Saville
“There has been very little academic acknowledgement of the significant relationship between the arts in contemporary culture – between music, fashion, fine art, design, architecture and so on,” says legendary graphic designer and art director Peter Saville.

Why do football fans take their shirts off?

In recent seasons, FIFA have attempted to crack down on some of the more enthusiastic celebrations. If a player incites the crowd and/or takes their shirt off or puts the ball under their shirt to indicate a pregnancy after scoring a goal, they are likely to get booked by the referee.

Why are England playing in blue shirts?

England will wear an away kit at home for the first time since 2010 when they face Germany at Wembley on Friday. “This will give England a chance to showcase their away kit before returning to traditional white colours for the visit of Brazil on November 14,” an FA spokesman told the Mail.

Who influenced Peter Saville?

He was particularly influenced by the work of Jan Tschichold and his disciplined, yet subtle approach to typography. After Factory Records he worked for DinDisc, spent three years as a partner at Pentagram, was an art director at Frankfurt Balkind and eventually started his own studio.

When was Peter Saville born?

October 9, 1955 (age 65 years)Peter Saville / Date of birth

Born on October 9th, 1955, in England, Peter Saville grew up in Manchester, Lancashire. He received his early education from St Ambrose College. In 1965, he went on to attend Manchester Polytechnic to study graphic designing and remained there till 1978.

Why did factory records fail?

London Records were interested in taking over Factory but the deal fell through when it emerged that, due to Factory’s early practice of eschewing contracts, New Order rather than the label owned New Order’s back catalogue. Factory Communications Ltd, the company formed in 1981, declared bankruptcy in November 1992.

Who owned the Hacienda club in Manchester?

Factory Records New Order
The Haçienda was a nightclub and music venue in Manchester, North West England, which became famous during the Madchester years of the 1980s and early 1990s….The Haçienda.

The Haçienda interior prior to opening
Address Whitworth Street West Manchester England
Owner Factory Records New Order
Opened 21 May 1982