What Colour is 565 nm?

What Colour is 565 nm?

The colors of the visible light spectrum

colour wavelength interval frequency interval
orange ~ 590–625 nm ~ 510–480 THz
yellow ~ 565–590 nm ~ 530–510 THz
green ~ 500–565 nm ~ 600–530 THz
cyan ~ 485–500 nm ~ 620–600 THz

What color has wavelengths 520 565 nm?

Nature of Color

Spectral region Range of wavelength in nm Subregion
Ultraviolet 100-280 280-315 315-380 UV-C UV-B UV-A
Visible 380-430 430-500 500-520 520-565 565-580 580-625 625-740 Violet Blue Cyan Green Yellow Orange Red
Infrared 740-1400 1400-10000 Near IR Far IR

What color is 500 nm wavelength?

The visible spectrum

colour* wavelength (nm) energy (eV)
yellow 580 2.14
green 550 2.25
cyan 500 2.48
blue 450 2.75

What color has a wavelength of 550 nm?

Visible light has wavelengths from about 400 nm (400 x 10-9 m) for violet light through about 700 nm (700 x 10-9 m) for red light. Our eyes are most sensitive to light in the middle of this range, such as yellow light with a wavelength of about 550 nm (550 x 10-9 m).

What color has the greatest energy?

Red has the lowest energy and violet the highest.

What color is 588 nm?

They have three visual pigments (Figure 3) with absorption maxima at 360 nm (ultraviolet), 440 nm (blue-violet), and 588 nm yellow).

Is 400 nm smaller than 700 nm?

However, some extended wavelength instruments can measure wavelengths in the range other than the visible, usually: 250–400 nm (near-ultraviolet) and 700–1100 nm (near-infrared), which are of interest for material (such as textiles) studies.

What color has a wavelength of 600 nm?

Spectral colors

Color Wavelength (nm) Frequency (THz)
green 500–565 530–600
yellow 565–590 510–530
orange 590–625 480–510
red 625–700 400–480

What color is 437 nm?

Color Physics

Color Wavelength (nm)
Yellow 550 – 580
Green 490 – 530
Blue 460 – 480
Indigo 440 – 450

What color has least energy?

When it comes to visible light, the highest frequency color, which is violet, also has the most energy. The lowest frequency of visible light, which is red, has the least energy.

What color star is hottest?

Red stars are the coolest. Yellow stars are hotter than red stars. White stars are hotter than red and yellow. Blue stars are the hottest stars of all.

What does NM mean in light?

This visible light region consists of a spectrum of wavelengths which range from approximately 700 nanometers (abbreviated nm) to approximately 400 nm. Since each individual wavelength within this spectrum is “visible” to the human eye, the wavelengths are representative of a particular color.