What can attributes of the type Idref do?

What can attributes of the type Idref do?

The IDREF attribute type indicates that the attribute can contain only a value that matches an ID value within the same document.

What does an Idref attribute validate?

In a Document Type Definition (DTD) an attributes type can be set to be IDREF. It must conform to the EBNF for “Name”. The value of the IDREF attribute has to match an ID value defined elsewhere within the XML Document.

What is Idref in spring?

idref is used to pass the name (identifier) of a bean (that is, a String). is exactly the same as just the string value pointA , except that Spring will complain if such a bean is not defined. See the Spring documentation for details.

What is DTD list the two types of DTD?

In general, there are two types: internal and external. Internal (parsed) entities are associating a name with any arbitrary textual content defined in their declaration (which may be in the internal subset or in the external subset of the DTD declared in the document).

How do I use Idref?

Where can you use the Idref element in Spring framework?

Spring idref element is used to pass the id of a bean to another bean as string. The idref works same as value attribute but when we use idref then there must be a bean with that id which we pass to idref .

What is the advantage of using Idref tag?

By using ‘idref’ tag, you can validate at deployment time that the referenced, named bean actually exists or not. If you define your validator bean like below, Spring validates the beans with ids osho and Paulo at deployment time.

Where can you use the Idref element in spring framework?

What is bean post processor?

A bean post processor allows for custom modification of new bean instances created by spring bean factory. If you want to implement some custom logic after the Spring container finishes instantiating, configuring, and initializing a bean, we can plug in one or more BeanPostProcessor implementations.