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What are the white spots on my eardrum?

What are the white spots on my eardrum?

Myringosclerosis and tympanosclerosis are similar conditions which affect the middle ear, causing the eardrum to appear bright white. The whiteness is due to calcium deposits which form on the tympanic membrane, which is more commonly called the eardrum.

What is tympanic sclerosis?

Tympanosclerosis is a scarring process with a remarkable variability in its localization within the middle ear. It can lead to conductive hearing loss in many cases. It is usually caused by recurrent chronic inflammation of the middle ear.

What does an abnormal tympanic membrane look like?

An abnormal tympanic membrane may be retracted or bulging and immobile or poorly mobile to positive or negative air pressure. The color of the eardrum is of lesser importance than the position and mobility. The redness of the tympanic membrane alone does not suggest the diagnosis of acute otitis media (Tables 2 and 3).

What is the difference between otosclerosis and tympanosclerosis?

Classification. Myringosclerosis refers to a calcification only within the tympanic membrane and is usually less extensive than intratympanic tympanosclerosis, which refers to any other location within the middle ear such as the ossicular chain, middle ear mucosa or, less frequently, the mastoid cavity.

What does white stuff in your ear mean?

Most of the time, any fluid leaking out of an ear is ear wax. A ruptured eardrum can cause a white, slightly bloody, or yellow discharge from the ear. Dry crusted material on a child’s pillow is often a sign of a ruptured eardrum. The eardrum may also bleed.

What does cholesteatoma look like?

Cholesteatoma is the name given to a collection of skin cells deep in the ear that form a pearly-white greasy-looking lump deep in the ear, right up in the top of the eardrum (the tympanic membrane).

How do you know if your tympanic membrane is bulging?


  1. Pain in the affected ear or ears1.
  2. Fullness in the ear caused by trapped fluid behind the eardrum.
  3. Temporary hearing loss.
  4. Fever.

What should a normal tympanic membrane look like?

1) Color/shape-pearly grey, shiny, translucent, with no bulging or retraction. 2) Consistency – smooth.

Is tympanosclerosis serious?

Surgery for tympanosclerosis usually results in significant improvement of hearing. Damage to the inner ear is a possible and serious complication, which can cause sensorineural deafness.

What does a white tympanic membrane mean?

Myringosclerosis and tympanosclerosis are similar conditions that can affect your middle ear and result in your eardrum appearing to be bright white. The whiteness of the eardrum is more related to deposits of calcium that form on the eardrum, which is medically called the tympanic membrane.

Why is my earwax white and creamy?

Light brown, orange or yellow earwax is healthy and normal. Children tend to have softer, lighter-colored earwax. White, flaky earwax indicates you lack a body-odor producing chemical. Dark-colored, sticky earwax indicates you should probably use deodorant.

Can a doctor see a cholesteatoma?

To determine whether you have a cholesteatoma, your doctor will examine the inside of your ear using an otoscope. This medical device allows your doctor to see if there are signs of a growing cyst. Specifically, they will look for a visible deposit of skin cells or a large mass of blood vessels in the ear.

What causes blood behind the eardrum?

Bleeding often occurs with an infection of the middle ear — the part of the ear behind the eardrum. A middle ear infection can cause the eardrum to rupture and bleed. Tubes inserted into the ear allow blood and other fluid to drain, and this drainage may increase with the presence of an infection.

What does a dull tympanic membrane mean?

A dull tympanic membrane (dull ear drum) occurs when something is wrong with the middle ear, such as an infection, inconsistent pressure in the ear,… See full answer below.

What is the tympanic membrane also called?

The tympanic membrane is also called the eardrum. It separates the outer ear from the middle ear. When sound waves reach the tympanic membrane they cause it to vibrate.

What is the plural of tympanic membrane?

The plural form of tympanic membrane is tympanic membranes.