What are the parts of a chandelier called?

What are the parts of a chandelier called?

The main chandelier parts are chandelier prisms, crystal parts and lamp parts. Another term for the lamp and light fixture is called luminaire, and it comprises the lamp and a reflector of the light.

What is a Pendalogue?

French pendalogue: Often known as “paper doll” or “leaf” pendant. These are the intricately shaped pendants that are most frequently found on French style chandeliers.

What is a Bobeche for chandelier?

Bobeches also spelled “bobesches” (pronounced bow-ba-shay) for Chandeliers and Candelabras. Originally these were designed to catch the wax that dripped from candles on early chandeliers. These are now considered an accent piece in which the socket, bulb and candle cover rise from.

How do I find out who made my chandelier?

Identifying Drip Pans One way to identify the maker of an antique crystal chandelier is by examining the drip pans. Drip pans, also called bobeche, are the cup-like pieces of crystal located at the base of each candle nozzle, and originally were designed to catch candle wax.

What are chandelier crystals called?

Chandelier crystals, which can be cut and polished into various shapes and sizes, are called pendalogues, though sometimes it’s spelled pendeloques.

What is another word for chandelier?

What is another word for chandelier?

candelabrum candleholder
corona crown
electrolier gasolier
lusterUS lustreUK
light fixture sconce

What can you do with chandelier crystals?

Use crystals from a chandelier to create art pieces, such as sculptures. Crystals, with their reflective qualities, can be used to create prisms or to add sparkle to a sculpture. Use other materials in conjunction with the crystals such as wire, clay or glass to create a pleasing piece.

How do you tell a crystal from a glass chandelier?

Generally, crystal chandeliers give off more color, but the fundamental difference between glass and crystal is the lead content. In the U.S., glass with 1 percent of lead or more is deemed a crystal, while in Europe glass becomes a crystal only when lead content exceeds 10 percent.

What is a lamp Bobeche?

A bobeche, pronounced boh-besh, is a collar or cup under a candle or candle socket which often holds glass prisms below. Chandeliers and candelabras are the most common type of lighting that prolifically use bobeches. The bobeches under candles were originally designed to protect the lamp itself from melting wax.

How do I know if my chandelier is worth money?

Like any collectible, a chandelier that is in good, original condition will have more value than one that is in poor condition or that has been extensively refurbished. Examine the crystal to look for chips and cracks. Check whether any pieces of the crystal are missing or have been replaced with newer material.

How do you date an antique chandelier?

  1. Look over every inch of the light fixture for a maker’s mark, name or date.
  2. Sift through old catalogs, newspaper advertisements and home magazines for your chandelier or a close match that could lead you to the actual manufacturer, country of origin and period.
  3. Consider the source that powered your chandelier.

Which crystal is best for chandelier?

Swarovski Crystal offers the finest chandelier crystal option available.

  1. Swarovski Elements Crystal Glass.
  2. Spectra Crystal.
  3. Egyptian / Moroccan Crystal (Gemcut)
  4. Turkish Crystal (Handcut, Heritage Handcut, Regal)
  5. Italian Crystal (Legacy, Venetian)
  6. K9 and Chinese Crystal.