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What are some good topics to discuss?

What are some good topics to discuss?

They are great for when you’ve gone past the friendly introductory small talk and feel like you’ve made connection with the person.

  • Free time. What do you do in your free time?
  • Music. What kind of music are you into?
  • Movies. What type of movies do you like?
  • Food.
  • Books.
  • TV.
  • Travel.
  • Hobbies.

How do you keep a conversation going close friend?

Here’s how to keep a conversation going:

  1. Ask open-ended questions.
  2. Ask follow-up questions.
  3. Balance between sharing and asking questions.
  4. Imagine the other person a timeline.
  5. Avoid asking too many questions in a row.
  6. Be genuinely interested.
  7. Find mutual interests to talk about.
  8. Face the other person and keep eye contact.

What are some fun conversation topics?

Here are a few examples to get you started:

  • “What’s the most bizarre thing that you’ve ever eaten?”
  • “What makes you laugh?”
  • “Tell me the thing that made you laugh most this week.”
  • “What was the funniest movie that you’ve ever seen?”
  • “What is the worst advice that you’ve ever taken?”

How do I chat with my bestie?

Your friend wants to talk with you.

  1. Let your friend share as much or as little as they want to.
  2. Make it clear that you don’t blame them for their problems. Be non-judgmental.
  3. Try not to assume you know what’s wrong.
  4. Ask questions to help you both have a better understanding about what they are going through.

What are good topics to talk about with your best friend?

Here are some interesting conversation topics that will spark deep and memorable conversations between you and your best friends:

  • Talk about challenges. We all face challenges in our life; some more than others.
  • Talk about beauty.
  • Talk about friendship.
  • Talk about food.

What are some interesting questions to ask?

Break the ice and get to know people better by selecting several of these get-to-know-you questions.

  • Who is your hero?
  • If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
  • What is your biggest fear?
  • What is your favorite family vacation?
  • What would you change about yourself if you could?
  • What really makes you angry?

What is a good controversial topic?

Social and Political Issues Debate Topics The death penalty should be abolished. Human cloning should be legalized. All drugs should be legalized. Animal testing should be banned.

What is the best topic for couples?

Romantic conversation starters for couples:

  • What initially made you interested in me?
  • How did you know you were in love with me?
  • Is there anything about our relationship that feels totally unique to us?
  • Where do you see our relationship going?
  • What does marriage mean to you?
  • How do you feel about big proposals?

What are some interesting things to talk about with your friends?

There is so much scope for interesting conversations here – so many things to talk about with your friends or even your partner. 1. Is love dependence on another? 2. Is love solely a biochemical response to specific, measurable, sets of stimuli? 3. Is love a choice or a feeling?

What are some mindful conversation topics for your friends?

Mindful Conversation Topics for Your Friends. 30. What do you look for and need in your friendships? 31. How do you feel that you best offer love and support to your friends? 32. Tell me about your childhood best friend. 33. When do you feel most authentically yourself? 34. What’s one form of self-expression you’ve been too hesitant to explore?

What are some good questions to ask a friend?

The questions—while certainly not original or groundbreaking—are helpful to have somewhere on your phone when you’re looking for an amusing way to enliven and engage a group of friends, family or colleagues who are beyond small talk but want to steer clear of controversial topics. (Here’s a colorful printable PDF version of the questions.)

What are some good topics to talk about with someone?

Often simple and obvious topics are enough to kick-start your brain again. If you find out what a person’s hobbies are, you instantly know a lot more about them. Hobbies are things people do without being paid to, just because they enjoy them. Some examples are: yoga, photography, working out, meditation, shopping, etc.