What are Sidecuts wheels?

What are Sidecuts wheels?

BONES WHEELS ® Sidecut wheels are designed with side cut walls providing a straighter edge giving you control on edges, ledges and rails. The shape gives you less drag making longer grinds easier.

Are 60mm wheels good for street skating?

As mentioned, most street and park wheels are between 50mm & 60mm. As a general rule you want a smaller wheel if you are going to be doing more technical street style tricks on a smoother surface. A bigger wheel will also provide a more forgiving ride on rougher surfaces like asphalt and weathered skateparks.

Are 78A wheels good for beginners?

Durometer chart. 78a-87a wheels are soft wheels, good for rough surfaces, longboards, or street boards. 96a-99a wheels provide nice speed and grip. Great for beginners skating street, skate parks, ramps, pools, and other smooth surfaces.

Are 53mm wheels good for beginners?

Note that the wheels in the image are smaller and harder, but the 53mm/99A wheels look the same. They aren’t made of the best mix of plastics and tend to flat spot, but beginners won’t notice this much. Get these wheels if you want to skate parks and quickly want to move on to technical tricks.

Are 81b wheels hard?

81b (101a) – Most common durometer offering a good balance between speed and grip. Meant for skateparks and other smooth surfaces. The ‘b’ scale measurement reads 20 points lower than the ‘a’ scale: 81b would equal a theoretical hardness rating of 101a.

Are bone wheels good?

BONES STF wheels outperform all other wheels, and because they wear so well, they last several times longer than normal wheels, making STF wheels the best for less. BONES STF wheels are available in the original 103A and the new 99A Street Tech Formula™ for greater roll, control and softer landings on rougher terrain.

How long do Bones Wheels last?

New wheels last usually a month or two, but I’ve had these bones STFs for over six months – they are so sick!