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What age is girls Life magazine Good For?

What age is girls Life magazine Good For?

Like its companion print magazine (Girls’ Life), this site contains a variety of information, blogs, and advice for girls aged 10-15.

How often is girls Life magazine published?

6 times annually
Cover price is $5.99 an issue, current renewal rate is 6 issues for $19.95. Girls’ Life, published by Girls’ Life, currently publishes 6 times annually. Your first issue mails in 8-12 weeks.

How often does girls life come out?

And we’re delivering all this awesome content in more ways than ever: The print edition of Girls’ Life hits newsstands (find it near you) and mailboxes (subscribe here) six times per year.

Is girls Life magazine appropriate for 10 year olds?

It is not appropriate for a nine year old. She would love the celebrities (often Disney Channel girls) and the fashion and beauty articles. Along with recipes and other fun things, but there is also plenty of articles that I do not think she is old enough for yet. I will wait until she is at least 12.

What happened to Discovery Girl magazine?

Discovery Girls magazine under fire after controversial ‘body type’ swimsuit spread. The publisher of a magazine that caters to pre-teen readers is apologizing for a recent swimsuit spread that many deemed inappropriate.

Does Tiger Beat still exist?

Tiger Beat is an American internet teen fan magazine originally published by The Laufer Company, and marketed primarily to adolescent girls. The magazine had a paper edition which was sold at stores until December 2018….Tiger Beat.

Tiger Beat magazine, first issue
Categories Teen, celebrity
Website tigerbeat.com
ISSN 0040-7380

Is Girlsworld magazine appropriate?

Girls’ World Magazine, a magazine for girls ages 7-11, is designed to inspire creativity through artwork, crafts, recipes, and party ideas. Girls’ World also sprinkles in young stars with age-appropriate content – all in a fun, whimsical presentation.

What magazines do 10 year olds read?

Tween Magazines for Preteens, 9 to 12 Year Olds

  • National Geographic Kids. 149 Reviews. National Geographic Kids is packed with stories of wildlife adventures, science & more.
  • Girls’ World. 70 Reviews. Girls’ World Magazine will inspire creativity through art, crafts, recipes, and more.
  • Girls’ Life Magazine. 37 Reviews. 4.4.

Does Nickelodeon magazine still exist?

On February 5, 2015, Papercutz announced that they have worked a deal with Nickelodeon to revive the magazine. The new version was released in June 2015 and ended in 2016.

When did Tiger Beat end?

Tiger Beat

Tiger Beat magazine, first issue
Categories Teen, celebrity
First issue September 1965
Final issue 2019 Winter
Company Tiger Beat Media, Inc.

Is Pop Tiger magazine Real?

Trivia. In Tiger Beat, the magazine Pop Tiger is a parody of, features Big Time Rush in real life.

What can you do with Girls Life magazine?

The real advice and engaging stories found in every issue of Girls’ Life magazine will inform and inspire your favorite girl. From wallet-friendly wardrobe options to skincare secrets, girls learn how to express their own sense of style.

Which is the best magazine for girls 10 +?

Girls’ Life is the #1 magazine for girls ages 10+. Expert advice on school, friendship, family and crushes plus fab fashion inspiration, skincare and beauty tips, pro fitness advice, craft and party DIYs, celeb interviews and more.

What do you need to know about girls life?

Girls’ Life helps establish a strong sense of identity with self-esteem boosters and fun quizzes that reveal girls’ strengths. Girls’ Life has the expert advice teens need, like strategies for dealing with stress, handling peer pressure and building body positivity.