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Should I spare the succubus in Skellige?

Should I spare the succubus in Skellige?

You can decide to kill her, or let her go. If you kill her, you can get your hands on the rare Succubus Mutagen, needed for the Succubus Decoction. If you spare her, you get peace of mind that you’re not an evil man. Follow the path she took, to find her lair, and where you can find the pimpernel.

Where can I find succubus in Witcher 3?

Succubi and menads usually can be found near human settlement, including small villages and populous cities. They prowl at night, though when stricken by serious need they will leave their lairs during the day as well.

Is the succubus harmless Witcher 3?

Turns out Ramund is safe and sound with a succubus, who resides in the area. If Geralt didn’t find the body, the succubus explains she hasn’t harmed anyone and the young druids find her by themselves to the point she has to use magic to send the unwanted admirers away.

What happens if you spare the succubus?

This quest is the one of the two only chances that you can get a Succubus mutagen in the whole game. If you decide to spare the succubus then the only other chance to get a Succubus mutagen is on the quest Practicum in Advanced Alchemy.

What happens if you kill the succubus Witcher 3?

After confronting that it’s the succubus, you can decide to kill her or let her live, but she must leave the city, and give you something that could be used as proof of her death. If you kill her, you have a chance to get the Succubus Mutagen (needed for the Succubus Decoction).

Where can I get a succubus mutagen?


Mutagen Location
Succubus Mutagen There are two areas to get this mutagen. Kill the Succubus in the Contract: Deadly Delight quest or kill the one in Practicum in Advanced Alchemy in Skellige. If you spared both, you cannot acquire the mutagen.

Who has geralt slept with?

He had sex with a few people, but he wasn’t really just sleeping around with every woman he ran into. During the Saga it was like 3 people total, Triss, Yennefer, and Fringilla Vigo. In the short stories he was sleeping around a lot more.

How do you beat succubus?

The only know way to kill a Succubus/ Incubus is to make them fall in love with you and to kill them after intercourse this is only implying that you want to have intercourse with them If you are trying to kill once you will have to make sure that the Incubus/Succubus Does not touch you so the seductive spell can not …

What happens if you let the succubus live Witcher 3?