Should I drop maths extension 1?

Should I drop maths extension 1?

There’s a lot of pressure with extension units, so dropping one can massively reduce stress. It gives you more time to study and relax, but it also gives you a little less to worry about. This allows you to better manage your time so that you don’t have to stress as much about other subjects.

What is a good mark for extension 1 maths?

Mathematics courses General Mathematics: 35/50 or 70/100. Mathematics Advanced: 42/50 or 84/100. Mathematics Extension 1: 47/50 or 94/100.

What is the difference between maths extension 1 and 2?

In addition, Maths Extension 1 is now worth 2 units instead of 1, which means you will have 4 strong scaling units. With Maths Extension 2 being the highest scaling subject in the HSC, it may be easier for you to attain a higher ATAR compared to other subjects.

What is math extension?

The Math extension provides support for rendering mathematical formulae. An overview of what can currently be done with this extension is available at the English Wikipedia’s documentation.

Is English Extension 1 hard?

English Extension 1 has more content that you learn at a faster pace than Advanced. That’s not to say that English Extension 1 is crazy hard or an unreasonable amount of work, but it is a whole extra unit and it’s seen as an extension subject for a reason.

Does Extension English scale well?

The Ext 1 & 2 English courses scale slightly higher than Advanced. However, the higher English Subjects as a group scale well above Standard English. For instance, students who score in the top 25% of Advanced English receive scores higher than those students who score in the top 1% of Standard English.

Should I do extension 2 maths?

Even if you are average in the Preliminary Mathematics Extension course, Extension 2 is still worth considering simply because it scales very well. Even if you are average in the Preliminary Mathematics Extension course, Extension 2 is still worth considering simply because it scales so highly.

How many units is standard maths?

Mathematics: You can choose one of the following options: Mathematics Standard 1 (2 units: Category B) Mathematics Standard 2 (2 units) Mathematics Advanced (2 units)

Should I do 3 unit maths?

Generally, students who wish to continue to study maths or computer science in second year should have studied 3-unit maths at school. Fields such as Biology, Chemistry and Physics are often very heavy on statistical analysis and if you don’t take HSC 3U maths you will certainly have to catch up on it at some stage.

Does English Extension 1 have a major work?

HSC English Extension 1 requires the study of 3 prescribed texts (including two print texts) and related texts of students’ own choosing. For external assessment, students submit a Major Work, Reflection Statement and Reflective Journal for authentication of the Major Work.

Is Extension 2 math hard?

Sitting an Extension 2 paper can be a daunting prospect: it is arguably the hardest high school maths paper in Australia. While considerable mathematical ability may be required to score the very top mark, with the right approach even average students can achieve a strong result.