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Is YouTube search history public?

Is YouTube search history public?

From the privacy section of the Account Settings screen, you can choose which activities to share publicly, including your likes and channel subscriptions. However, your viewing history is private and there’s no option to make it public.

How do I see my entire YouTube search history?

Access your search history by selecting My Activity.

  1. Remove an individual search entry: Next to the search entry, click Delete .
  2. Pause your search and watch history: Click Saving activity , then click the On/Off button to turn off.

Can you see who searches you on YouTube?

Can you see who viewed your YouTube videos? Unfortunately, views on a YouTube video aren’t like views on your Instagram story — you can’t see what users are watching your videos. The analytics provided by YouTube also include information like users’ watch time, traffic sources, and how many people have shared it.

Can parents see YouTube search history?

Can parents see YouTube history? Yes. Parents with a child’s Google account credentials can review watch and search history along with likes, comments, and subscriptions.

Who can see my search history?

Despite the privacy precautions you take, there is someone who can see everything you do online: your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Most modern web browsers include some form of privacy mode, which allows you to surf without saving cookies, temporary files, or your browsing history to your computer.

How do I see my recent searches?

Select the “Data & Personalization” tab. Scroll down to the “Activity and Timeline” section, then click on “My Activity.” Scroll down the page to use the general search bar or the “Filter by Date and Product” option (Android, Maps, YouTube, etc.), or just scroll down the list and browse by date and time.

Why can’t I see my recent searches on Google?

Go to the Google search bar and tap the ‘G’ icon in the upper left corner. Click the 3 lines where the ‘G’ was, and navigate to ‘Settings’. Go to ‘Accounts & Privacy’, ‘Google activity controls’, then ‘Web & App Activity’. If it says ‘Paused’, click on the little switch and go through the pop-up information.

How can you see who viewed your video?

Log in to YouTube and select your profile photo or icon at the top of the screen. Select YouTube Studio. In the left panel, select Analytics to expand a list of tabs for different types of statistics related to your video viewers, including Reach, Engagement, and Audience.

How to delete your YouTube watch history ( and search history )?

To delete your YouTube search history, click “Search History” under History Type here, and then click the “Clear All Search History” command. To clear your entire history in the YouTube mobile app, head to Library > History. Tap the menu button at the top of the app, and then tap the “History Settings” option.

How to stop Google from recording your YouTube history?

1 Go to the “Video Manager” section of your account. 2 Click on the History tab in the sidebar. 3 Once you’ve cleared your history, click “Pause Viewing History” to stop YouTube from recording your future activity. 4 Head to the “Search History” tab in the sidebar and repeat this process, clearing and then pausing your search history.

How can I Keep my Search history private on YouTube?

If you’d rather keep your search and viewing history private, you can do so from YouTube’s settings. Here’s how. We’ve already shown you how to remove your Google search history, but your YouTube history is stored separately, and needs to be turned off separately (both your search history and your viewing history). Luckily, it’s very simple to do.

How can I pause my Google search history?

You may need to click on the History tab for the “Pause Viewing History” button to show back up. Head to the “Search History” tab in the sidebar and repeat this process, clearing and then pausing your search history.