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Is Tuolumne County affected by the fires?

Is Tuolumne County affected by the fires?

Expand All. Human remains were found in the area burned by the Washington fire near Sonora, the Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Office said Monday. The fire destroyed at least 14 homes off Highway 49-108 between Jamestown and Sonora.

Are there fires near Sonora CA?

Aug. 28, 2021 Updated: Aug. The Washington Fire, which threatened the historic Gold Country downtown of Sonora on Thursday, destroyed 17 structures despite burning just 100 acres. …

Where is the Tuolumne fire?

The fire was burning near the bottom of the Tuolumne River Canyon, just upstream of a major river confluence, at 1,450 feet elevation in light, flashy fuels (predominantly oak leaf litter, light grass, and mixed brush with an oak overstory, consistent with Fuel Model 2).

Is there a fire near Groveland?

The blaze is near the intersection of Highway 120 in the Groveland area. CAL-Fire details the flames are burning in woodland and timber understory. The fire is 2 acres in size and there is one structure threatened, An update will be provided as more information comes into the newsroom.

How contained is the Washington fire?

The Washington Fire is at 75% containment. Original Story Below: TUOLUMNE COUNTY, Calif.

Is Yosemite National Park on fire?

September 10, 2021 – Yosemite National Park Fire Update for Friday, September 10, 2021. Tiltill Fire is now 2,323 acres 90% contained. Smoke will be seen from the Hetch Hetchy area.

Is Arnold CA in the fire zone?

Arnold was saved when the weather changed, but the fire caused an increased focus on fire safety, although the community was still, in 2019, considered a “very high fire hazard severity zone” due to its location on a ridge outside Calaveras Big Trees State Park, surrounded by dense forest of trees killed by drought and …

Where is the smoke in Sonora CA coming from?

In Tuolumne County, the EPA Air Quality Index indicates much of the smoke in the county, including in Sonora and its surrounding areas, is coming directly from the Tiltill Fire, which is 520 acres and 15-percent contained.

Is there a fire in Campo?

The Campo Fire is now 40% contained and remains at 160 acres, according to Cal Fire. Cal Fire officials have not said how long it would take for the flames to be completely extinguished.

How big is the Moccasin fire?

One of the complex’s four fires has already destroyed many homes and made a run that, by Friday morning, put the fire’s size at 260 square miles, The Associated Press reported. That’s about 167,000 acres. Reports vary as to how many homes the fire has destroyed, but the latest estimate seems to be at least 100.

When did the Moccasin fire start?

A fire July 3, 2006, burned 1,998 acres (8.09 km2) near Moccasin Powerhouse according to the California Department of Forestry.

How many firefighters are in Tuolumne County, CA?

Twenty three of those through the cooperative fire protection agreement with CAL FIRE (Schedule A and Amador) and other agreements with Mariposa County and Columbia College. Those positions include as Assistant Chief, 2 Training/Safety Captains, 3.5 Emergency Command Center positions, 15.5 Engine Operators and 1 Fleet.

How many people live in Tuolumne County CA?

55,000 residents of Tuolumne County. ative fire protection agreement allowed through the Public Resources Code, Tuolumne County contracts with CAL FIRE to provide fire protection for when CAL FIRE is out of declared “fire season.”

How big is the fire in Alpine County?

More areas were evacuated today due to the Tamarack Fire in Alpine County. Forest fire officials detail that the lightning strike blaze is 6,600 acres and three structures have been destroyed. Some evacuations have been called for in Alpine County due to a wildfire.