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Is there gold in Sudbury Ontario?

Is there gold in Sudbury Ontario?

The property has been historically known for gold but there’s also been occurrences of copper, cobalt and nickel in the area.

Is there gold in Ontario creeks?

The northern part of Ontario is the location of several of these gold bearing belts. The Dome Mine still produces gold from a huge open-pit mine, and in West Timmins a huge gold deposit has recently been found. The Kidd Creek Mine east of Timmins was the site of a gold discovery in 1963.

Can you find gold in Ontario rivers?

The most likely place to find gold by panning is in the Vermilion River near Sudbury, even so it is very fine gold and not in very small amount, nothing like the Yukon or B.C. Best of luck.

What minerals are found in Sudbury Ontario?

The total ore mined to date in Sudbury is approximately 1.7 billion tonnes with 40 billion pounds of nickel, 36 billion pounds of copper, 70 million ounces of platinum, palladium and gold and 283 million ounces of silver recovered.

Can I find gold in any river?

Gold exists in extremely diluted concentrations in both freshwater and seawater, and is thus technically present in all rivers.

Where is most gold mined in Ontario?

The Red Lake Mine
The Red Lake Mine is one of the most profitable gold mines in the world, with estimated reserves of 3.23 million ounces.

Where has gold been found in Ontario?

The producing gold mines of Ontario are in Timiskaming and Keewatin formations, near intrusions of granite, syenite, and porphyry. It is believed that the best field for prospecting is around the smaller bodies of granite, etc., which show more or less of the porphyry texture.

Why is Sudbury important to Ontario?

With nine operating mines, two mills, two smelters, and a nickel refinery, Sudbury is arguably the hard rock mining capital of the world. Sudbury is home to a major geological structure in Ontario, Canada called the Sudbury Basin which is the third-largest crater on Earth, as well as one of the oldest.

Why is Sudbury so rich in minerals?

In Sudbury, the giant pool of molten rock eventually hardened and concentrated the minerals that have made the region one of the most productive mining jurisdictions in the world. Contrary to popular belief, Sudbury’s high nickel concentration was not attached to the meteorite after it collided with the surface.

How do you find a gold vein?

These might be directly under your feet, or they may be in nearby hills or cliffs. If your prospecting site is near a gold-rich river or stream, keep in mind that gold is heavy and may have eroded out of the banks or any nearby high places. Look for quartz in the rock veins you’ve found.

Is there a mining tour in Sudbury Ontario?

Dynamic Earth tour guides take curious explorers of all ages through the underground mines while bringing the mining history of Sudbury to life with stories and tales of its mining past. Visitors can try their hand at panning for gold and take home any real gold flakes they uncover.

Where are the gold mines located in Ontario?

In addition to nickel, it also produces platinum, gold, silver, copper, cobalt and palladium. The Detour Lake Mine is 185 kilometres northeast of Cochrane. It’s an open-pit gold mine that is expected to continue operating until at least 2035. The Eagle River Complex includes the Eagle River Underground Mine and the Mishi Open Pit Mine.

What kind of metals are in the Sudbury Mine?

The Coleman Mine is part of the Sudbury Operations, which have been going strong for more than a century. Its commodities include nickel, copper, cobalt, platinum group metals, gold and silver. The north and south Copper Cliff mines produce nickel, cobalt, copper, gold, silver, platinum and palladium.

When did Henry Ranger discover gold in Sudbury?

Henry Ranger discovered gold and began the Vermillion Gold Mine in 1887. Like gold discoveries all over the world, this one attraced large numbers of prospectors who staked hundreds of claims. The Vermillion Mine proved to be an isolated situation, however, and the gold boom never got underway.