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Is the LG DVD drive compatible with Windows 10?

Is the LG DVD drive compatible with Windows 10?

LG Optical Disc Drives have been tested with Windows 10 and continue to be recognized as Plug-and-Play devices (no drivers required). If experiencing issues related to DVD/Blu-ray playback or burning, your playback software may have been removed or currupted during the update from Windows < 10 to Windows 10.

What kind of DVD player does LG use?

Cinema 3D playback: Explore the best in 3D viewing technology with LG’s Power DVD-BD 3DVer software for the ultimate 3D viewing experience. Protect your important files and digital memories with LG’s external and internal burners and drives — designed to safely secure your data.

What kind of disc drive does LG use?

M-Ready drive: Protect your data for a lifetime with LG’s M-DISC, which is designed to withstand light, heat, humidity and time. Only LG offers this revolutionary technology.

Where can I find the firmware update for my LG DVD drive?

From your product support page, locate the Software Update section from one of two locations (ARROWS). Then, download the current firmware file by clicking the link (CIRCLE). If a firmware update has not been released for your model, the software update section may not be available.

Are there any drivers for the LG monitor?

LG Monitor Drivers for Windows. These drivers are designed to work with all LG Monitors by type. *If your Monitor Type is not listed, the Generic PnP Drivers supplied by your Operating System provide full functionality (no added advantage to product specific drivers).

What kind of DVD drive does the LG ge20lu10 have?

External Super-Multi DVD Rewriter with LightScribe and SecurDisc™. This LG internal DVD burner lets you choose the DVD format that fits your needs using Super-Multi read-and-write, and record up to 4 hours of high-quality video at 18x speed.

Is the LG bh10ls30 out of warranty?

Out-of-warranty service fees may apply for diagnosis, parts, and labor. This article provides information about firmware, software, and drivers for digital storage devices. Note: Due to licensing constraints, the Cyberlink Media Suite software that comes with LG Optical Disc drives is not available for replace…

Why is my LG DVD drive not working?

Most issues are not related to drivers. Note: Our newer drives have been tested with Windows 10 and remain Plug-and-Play compliant. Media playback software, such as the Cyberlink Media Suite that comes with our drives, is used to process the data that is sent to the computer from the disc drive.