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Is shopping King Louie worth watching?

Is shopping King Louie worth watching?

If you haven’t yet indulged in the utter delight that is “Shopping King Louie,” you really need to. This is one of the cutest dramas on air with puppy cute Louie, played by the adorable Seo In Guk, winning over not only us, but leading lady Go Bok Shil, who is played by young talent Nam Ji Hyun.

How many episodes does shopaholic Louis have?

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Where can I watch shopaholic Louis?

Currently you are able to watch “Shopaholic Louis” streaming on Rakuten Viki, Kocowa or for free with ads on Kocowa.

What is the story of shopaholic Louis?

Synopsis. A romantic comedy about Louis (Seo In-guk), a rich heir who always spends money to buy everything that has a subtle beauty talking to his soul. One day he loses his memory and meets Bok-Shil (Nam Ji-hyun), a pure and energetic woman from the countryside. She is at first astounded by his spending habits.

Is shopaholic Louis underrated?

An underrated K-Drama featuring Seo In Guk and Nam Ji Hyun in the lead roles, Shopaholic Louis is a treat for the eyes! The two have the most interesting chemistry and the quirkiest romance that transcends time and will make even the most certain non-believer into a romantic.

Is Bok Nam dead?

On the yacht butler Heo was in charge of taking care of Bok Nam and tell the driver to leave the dock after Bok Shil gets on. The last part of the plan was for detective Nam to call Bok Shil and let her know that Bok Nam is alive. Everyone returned to Seoul.

Does Shopping King Louie have a happy ending?

All good things come to an end. This week we finally witnessed the conclusion of rom-com drama “Shopping King Louie.” In episode 16, Butler Kim and Jung Ran finally got married, and the two are already expecting their first child.

Is shopping King Louis on Netflix?

Sorry, Shopaholic Louis: Season 1 is not available on American Netflix, but you can unlock it right now in the USA and start watching!

Is shopping King Louie on Netflix Philippines?

Yes, Shopaholic Louis: Season 1: Episode 1 is now available on Philippine Netflix.

Is shopping King Louis funny?

It is the definition of a fantastic romantic comedy. The romance, the humor, the fun, the characters, and the heartfelt story all work together to create perfection in my book. First, Shopping King Louie was absolutely hilarious. I love comedies, but I’m not one who frequently laughs out loud.

How does shopaholic end?

“Shopping King Louie” episode 16 ended with the happy couple getting lovey-dovey at Bok Shil’s house. We didn’t get to see a real Louie and Bok Shil wedding in “Shopping King Louie” episode 16 but the ending was still sweet.