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Is Roman Reigns still married to Galina Becker?

Is Roman Reigns still married to Galina Becker?

WWE star Roman Reign – real name Leati Joseph Anoaʻi – married Galina Becker while studying at Georgia Institute of Technology (GIT) in 2014. The couple, who live in Florida, have been married since 2014.

How did Roman Reigns and Galina Becker meet?

Roman Reigns and Galina Becker met at Georgia Tech where both were pursuing their college education. Reigns was part of Yellow Jackets Football Team while Becker was also associated with the athletic team for the University. They soon started dating and had their first child, a daughter whom they named Joelle, in 2008.

What does Galina Becker do for a living?

Galina Becker/Professions

Galina Becker is a fitness model and a former athlete. In the past six years, she has worked with different agencies in marketing campaigns. However, millions of people know her as Roman Reign’s wife. She has been part of the wrestler’s life for more than a decade, even before he became a key figure in WWE.

Who is wrestler Roman Reigns married to?

Galina Beckerm. 2014
Roman Reigns/Spouse

Who is John Cena’s bestfriend?

Randy Orton
John Cena & Randy Orton are best friend in real life | Wwe couples, John cena, Wwe superstars.

Does Roman Reigns have kids?

Roman Reigns and Galina Becker have three kids: A daughter named Joella “JoJo Anoa’i and twin sons. While there’s not much public information available about the couple’s sons, they often share pics of their daughter.

Is Roman Reigns getting a divorce?

The beautiful couple has been together for many years, and still, no rumors of them getting a divorce or having any extra affairs have emerged. Currently, they are living a happy life with their daughter. Roman Reigns’ Net worth Roman Reigns is a well-established wrestler of the current time.

Who is Roman Reigns married to?

Roman Reigns married fiancee Galina Joelle Becker this past weekend. You can check out some photos from their wedding ceremony below: Follow Raj Giri on Twitter at @RajGiri_303.

Is Galina Becker African American?

Galina Joelle Becker who is a former athlete was born on 11 March 1987, in Florida, United States. She is an American but is of Afro-American ethnicity, having come from a black origin. She grew up with her parents Kevin Becker and Mildred Becker Mildred Becker Mildred Becker was the wife of Harry Grey. , in San Francisco alongside her two elder sisters, Molisa Cooper and Undine Becker.