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Is processable a word?

Is processable a word?

Able to be processed; suitable for processing.

What does processable mean?

: suitable for processing : capable of being processed.

How do you use machinery in a sentence?

Machinery sentence example

  1. I used machinery to cut the pieces.
  2. With money, you can buy machinery or hire workers to do your work.
  3. Here are iron, machinery and brick works, tanneries, distilleries, and factories for jam, mustard and mead.

Is processability an English word?

noun. The capacity to be processed.

What are examples of machinery?

Examples include: a wide range of vehicles, such as automobiles, boats and airplanes; appliances in the home and office, including computers, building air handling and water handling systems; as well as farm machinery, machine tools and factory automation systems and robots.

What type of word is machinery?

The machines constituting a production apparatus, in a plant etc., collectively. The working parts of a machine as a group.

What means transmissible?

: capable of being transmitted (as from one person to another) transmissible diseases.

Which is the best definition of the word processable?

Definition of processable : suitable for processing : capable of being processed Other Words from processable processability or less commonly processibility ˌprä-​ˌse-​sə-​ˈbi-​lə-​tē

How to use ” machine processable ” in a sentence?

The machine processable meanings of the nodes are constituted by the patterns of arcs between them. Also, the development of melt processable PTFE is expected to help the future prospects of the maturing PTFE market.

Which is the best definition of processable annotation?

This method ensures that annotations are semantically processable by computer programs and the authoring process remains simple for non-technical users. Tamás Mészáros, Margit Kiss 2018, ‘Knowledge Acquisition from Critical Annotations’, Information

How is information split up into processable units?

To prevent sensory overload, attentional mechanisms split up information into processable units. Katarzyna Bobrowicz , Mathias Osvath 2019, ‘Cognition in the Fast Lane: Ravens’ Gazes are Half as Short as Humans’ when Choosing Objects’, Animal Behavior and Cognition