Is Narragansett beach Open?

Is Narragansett beach Open?

Narragansett Town Beach is open all facilities. Lifeguards on duty. Parking and Admission fees being charged. West Lot is open for Non-Resident Parking.

Can non-residents go to Narragansett beach?

The beach opens at 8:30 and the daily access fee for non-residents is $10 ,less for children. During the week there is limited parking for non-residents in the South lot at $10 per day. On the weekends there is limited parking for non-residents in the West lot at $15 per day.

Is Narragansett beach busy?

In a typical year, Narragansett Town Beach attracted between 8,000 and 9,000 beachgoers on an average weekday and between 11,000 and 12,000 on a busy weekend day.

Can anyone go to Narragansett Town Beach?

Narragansett Town Beach is a classic New England Saltwater Coastal Beach front that offers some of the best, cleanest and accessible beach conditions for the residents and tourist in New England with attendance in past years up to 10,000 patrons per day.

Is Narragansett beach full?

The beach is very pretty and full of surfers, however, there is no parking for non-residents. The two huge lots are for residents only. There is street parking for the “rest of us”, however, it can be quite a walk to haul your stuff to the beach from where you have to park.

Is Narragansett beach Safe?

“[Narragansett Town Beach] is a great beach, it’s safe, the water is clean, it’s just a beautiful beach.

Are RI beaches open to out of state residents?

Resident, non-resident and senior passes are on sale, both for the full season or a single day. Parking fees will be in effect from Saturday until Labor Day. The following beaches will be open daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekdays and 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekends.

How much does it cost to go to Narragansett beach?

Among the fee changes will be hikes to the daily admission fee from $10 to $15, and the daily parking fee from $10 on weekdays and $15 on weekends to $20 seven days per week. Transferable resident beach passes would go from $75 to $100, and be limited to five per household.

Is Narragansett Town Beach free?

Unlike any other publicly owned beach in Rhode Island, Narragansett Town Beach makes you pay just to get onto the sand between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Beachgoers who show up and hand over $15 for parking are routinely shocked when they’re asked to pay another $12 at the gate.

Can you drink on Narragansett beach?

Alcoholic beverages or glass containers permitted anywhere on the premises. No cooking or open fires are allowed on the premises. Swimming is not allowed in designated surfing areas. Surfing is not allowed in designated swimming areas.

Can you swim in Rhode Island beaches?

Rhode Island also has several freshwater beaches, including Watchaug Beach where long distance swimming is popular. Peck Pond is a 13-acre fresh water swimming hole, and Spring Lake is an 80-acre lake known for great family beaches and swimming.

What to do in Narragansett?

By far the most popular attractions in Narragansett are its four beaches. The Narragansett Town beach is a picturesque beach complete with cabanas, pavilions, showers and a beachfront clubhouse available for rent. Salty Brine State Beach, formerly known as Galilee State Beach, was dedicated to widely known radio personality, Salty Brine, in 1990.

Is Narragansett Beach Open?

NARRAGANSETT, RI—It’s beach season in Rhode Island. The state beaches in Narragansett, along with several other state beaches elsewhere in Rhode Island, are officially open on weekends and will open daily beginning May 28, according to the state Department of Environmental Management.

What is Narragansett Bay?

Narragansett Bay is a bay and estuary on the north side of Rhode Island Sound. Covering 147 miles, the Bay forms New England’s largest estuary, which functions as an expansive natural harbor, and includes a small archipelago.