Is MSI Stealth 15M worth it?

Is MSI Stealth 15M worth it?

The MSI Stealth 15M certainly doesn’t disappoint here, even if you’re not unleashing the full power of Nvidia’s latest GPU generation. While the 3.3GHz CPU won’t be holding up to high-end computing functions, graphical tests performed extremely well which means 3D modelling and gameplay are a real strength here.

Should I buy MSI GS66 Stealth?

The MSI GS66 Stealth is an amazing laptop for gaming. Its QHD display, high refresh rate, and G-Sync makes games look and feel stunning. It won’t come cheap, but if you’re looking for a high-end gaming PC to take on the go, the Stealth is a solid option.

Is MSI Stealth good for gaming?

To the MSI Stealth 15M’s credit, it is surprising how lightweight and thin it is despite how much power is packed within. But for $1,649, this gaming laptop should have better battery life and a more vibrant display.

Is the MSI Stealth 15M loud?

MSI’s Stealth 15M is a gaming laptop for people who’d prefer to keep their gaming habit a secret. Unless you’re running the simplest tasks on battery saver mode, its fans are almost always audibly whirring, and the whining only gets louder with demanding applications and games.

Is MSI GS66 Stealth touchscreen?

Internally, the brand-new Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Super (Max-Q) GPU and Intel Core i7-10750H processor power the GS66 to super-high frame rates, shown on a blazing 300Hz display….MSI GS66 Stealth Specs.

Laptop Class Gaming
Screen Size 15.6 inches
Native Display Resolution 1920 by 1080
Touch Screen No
Panel Technology IPS

How long does MSI GL65 battery last?

Battery: Battery life is not great. It last only for 2 – 3 hours, but I always use it while its plugged in. Charger Port: The charger port is placed in a weird spot.

Is MSI GL65 good?

MSI’s GL65 ($699 as tested) is a value-oriented gaming laptop that proves that in spades. This 15.6-inch rig’s hardware for the money is as good as it gets in late 2019, including a 4GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 GPU, a speedy Intel Core i5 quad-core processor, and a surprisingly roomy 512GB solid-state drive.