Is IROH the most powerful bender?

Is IROH the most powerful bender?

5 Most Powerful: Iroh Iroh trained with the last dragons, and he displayed firebending prowess and technique that earned him international acclaim and fear. Fans will never know how much Iroh could do if he were pushed to fight, but there’s no doubt he ranks among the most powerful benders.

Is Uncle Iroh the best?

The two characters feed and grow off of each other a ton and would not be the same without one another. Iroh acts more as Zuko’s father than Fire Lord Ozai ever has and sees Zuko as his own son. Iroh typically is considered the best character in all of Avatar, but here is why Zuko may also be up for consideration.

Why is Iroh so much older than Ozai?

Iroh’s age can be inferred with the understanding that his younger brother, Fire Lord Ozai, is 45. Since the Air Nomad genocide lead by Fire Lord Sozin took place in 0 AG and he died at 102, one can extrapolate Iroh’s age by the values Sozin placed on practical knowledge.

Is Aang stronger than Naruto?

1 Verdict: Naruto Sorry all you Avatar: The Last Airbender fans, but Naruto wins this fight. While Aang is very strong as the Avatar, more so than some Naruto loyalists would like to admit, he doesn’t display enough potential over the course of his show to match up against Naruto’s feats.

How did Uncle Iroh lose his son?

Lu Ten lost his life in combat against the Earth Kingdom five years before the end of the Hundred Year War during the Siege of Ba Sing Se. He was mortally wounded around the same time that Iroh breached the city’s Outer Wall, although his father only later learned of his son’s situation.

Who is stronger than Aang?

Avatar: The Last Airbender – 15 Reasons Korra is More Powerful Than Aang. Avatar: The Last Airbender may have spent a lot of time focusing on Aang, but in many ways, Korra is the more powerful character.

How much older is IROH?

10 His Age The efforts at Ba Sing Se in 95 AG highlighted Iroh’s experience to Sozin. Considering that the former Fire Lord valued his wisdom over Ozai, it can be extrapolated that he’s somewhere between 55 and 63, old enough to be considered seasoned though young enough to have a meaningful rule.