Is George Clooney in descendants?

Is George Clooney in descendants?

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Is the movie The Descendants a true story?

Ultimately though, while “The Descendants” is a Hawaiian story, it is not a film about Hawaii or Hawaiian history. And it is not historical fiction, though the fictionalized history of the King family plays a strong supporting role.

How old was Shailene Woodley in descendants?

The 20-year-old plays Alexandra King, the eldest daughter of wealthy Hawaiian lawyer Matt King (played by George Clooney). Alexandra is instrumental in keeping her family together after her mother suffers from a boating accident leaving her father in charge of the family.

Where was movie descendants filmed?

The film began its on-location shoot in Hawaii on March 15, 2010. Most of the film was shot in Honolulu and around Hanalei Bay.

Is the descendants a sad movie?

Although a pleasant, easily digestible film with beautiful cinematography, The Descendants is light fare with a few plot holes. The subject matter is nothing short of morbidly depressing.

Where are the descendants of Hawaii from?

Hawaiian, any of the aboriginal people of Hawaii, descendants of Polynesians who migrated to Hawaii in two waves: the first from the Marquesas Islands, probably about ad 400; the second from Tahiti in the 9th or 10th century.

What happens to the land in the descendants?

The land has been owned by the King family for generations. A descendant of Hawaiian royalty, King holds the deciding vote in the family trust that holds the land. He’s torn over whether to go along with other members of his family who want to cash out by selling the land to real estate developers.

Is Aaron Rodgers still dating Shailene Woodley?

The news of Woodley and Rodgers’ engagement broke in February 2021 when he announced it while receiving his NFL MVP award. Woodley also confirmed their engagement during an appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” ” Yes, we are engaged, we are engaged,” she said.

Why was Matt called to the school to talk about Scottie?

“What’s wrong with you?”, Matt (George Clooney) asks his ten-year-old daughter Scottie (Amara Miller). He’s been called to her school, because she’s brought pictures of her mother to class, her mother who’s lying in a Honolulu hospital in a coma. “Your mother’s sick,” he essays.