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Is FZ-09 suspension that bad?

Is FZ-09 suspension that bad?

Yep, unfortunately it is as bad as they say. The bike is not evil to ride but it doesn’t feel right. Nick at Soltec got the suspension and fueling issue pretty much sort out. Fork springs are available and Penskee rear shock comes in 3 different flavors for 3 different budget.

Is the FZ-09 comfortable?

The original Yamaha FZ-09 was different than most naked bikes when it was released in 2013. It featured an upright seating position borrowed from dirt bikes that made it a comfortable commuter, and it had a 847cc triple-cylinder engine that delivered on-demand wheelies.

Does FZ-09 have traction control?

For people who may be getting confused: The 2016 US FZ-09 does not have traction control. Traction control will be on the US 2017 model (along with standard ABS).

What kind of gas does the FZ 09 take?

Regular 87 octane E10.

Can you adjust stock suspension?

You can’t adjust rebound or compression. That said, the stock suspension works pretty darn well for average sized riders who don’t push it too hard.

How important is static sag?

STIFFER OR SOFTER SHOCK SPRING.” Static sag is important. First and foremost, static sag, when set properly, can help you determine if you need a stiffer or softer shock spring. And, it goes without saying that a bike with too much or too little static sag is not going to work up to its potential.

Is MT 09 good?

The Yamaha MT 09 is an excellent bike for those looking for a one-for-all ride. Besides making a flawless work on the streets, the Yamaha MT 09 works great on the open road. We will review it in one minute, but the best thing is the bang for the buck. The Yamaha MT 09 is a perfectly priced, really complete package.

What kind of bike is an FZ-09?

The Yamaha MT-09 is a Yamaha naked or standard motorcycle of the MT series with an 847–890 cc (51.7–54.3 cu in) liquid-cooled 4-stroke 12-valve DOHC inline-three engine with crossplane crankshaft, a lightweight cast alloy frame. For 2018, the bike is now designated MT-09 in all markets.

Does MT-09 have wheelie control?

The MT-09 now features a 6-axis IMU providing adjustable cornering ABS, lean-angle-detecting traction control, slide control and wheelie control. While plush and comfortable for street use, the MT-09’s suspension could become bouncy when pushed.

Does the 2015 fz09 have traction control?

Basically, the 2015 FJ-09 has less edgy initial fuel delivery in each of the three selectable modes. Also setting the FJ-09 apart is standard traction control, along with ABS. ABS is always active, but TC can be toggled off while the bike is stationary.

Why is the suspension on a Yamaha FZ-09 so good?

Updating the FZ-09 suspension means you can accelerate and brake harder without upsetting the bike. Photo by Lance Oliver. Long story short, I got to ride his modified FZ-09… and it’s awesome. Like, really awesome. It’s both everything this bike could have been and should have been and I want to buy one now, but that’s a story for another day.

What’s the difference between a FJ-09 and a FZ-09 tracer?

They changed the international name for the FJ-09 from “MT-09 Tracer” to “Tracer 900” for the 2016 model year because the name was obviously confusing given the bike they call in North America the FZ-09 is called the MT-09 internationally. Have fun with that, international MT-09 Tracer owners. Thanks everyone, I am now properly educated!

What’s the difference between the FZ and fz09?

There are regional differences – indicators are orange or clear, tuned for emissions (=jerky throttle) or not, colour choices are different in different markets. Don’t know what the FZ is – perhaps a North American name for the other MT-09s? The FZ09 is a naked bike in North America (not sure about other market availability).

What’s the difference between a Fj and a Fz?

FZ-09 and FJ-09 are the North American names. Like @dakota said, the FZ is a naked sport bike. The FJ is a sport touring bike that commonly gets falsely accused of being an adventure touring bike. They share an engine and frame. Everything from the subframe up is pretty much different.