Is Cokeville Miracle a true story?

Is Cokeville Miracle a true story?

The latest such film is The Cokeville Miracle, based on the true story of an insane couple that took an entire school hostage in Wyoming in 1986. The town’s former marshal is David Young (Nathan Stevens), who returns to Cokeville with a sinister plot.

What is Cokeville Wyoming known for?

Cokeville is a town in Lincoln County, Wyoming, United States. The town is best known for the Cokeville Elementary School hostage crisis, which led to a movie.

How big is Cokeville Wyoming?

3.367 km²

Who died in the Cokeville Miracle?

The only two fatalities were David and Doris Young. Everyone else survived, including the injured John Miller.

What is the main religion in Cokeville Wyoming?

George, where he was promoting the movie. “There were other faiths, including agnostics, in that room. They were all blessed. I think it would be narrow to say, ’85 percent of Cokeville is LDS, so this is a Mormon story.

How many people died in the Cokeville school bombing?

At one point she lifted her arm sharply and the bomb went off prematurely, injuring Doris while David was out of the room. Returning to the scene, David shot his wife, then himself….

Cokeville Elementary School hostage crisis
Deaths 2 (both perpetrators)
Injured 79
Perpetrators David Young and Doris Young

What religion is the Cokeville Miracle?

The Cokeville Miracle is a completely Christian movie, and actually of a rather conservative variety.

What happened in Cokeville Wyoming?

The Cokeville Elementary School hostage crisis occurred on Friday, May 16, 1986, in Cokeville, Wyoming, United States, when former town marshal David Young, 43, and his wife Doris Young, 47, took 96 children and 18 adults hostage at Cokeville Elementary School. Returning to the scene, David shot his wife, then himself.

What percentage of people in Wyoming are Mormon?

9 percent
At 9 percent, Wyoming has the third highest Mormon population in the West (after Utah and Idaho) and, indeed, in the entire USA.

How long did the Cokeville Miracle Last?

94 minutes

The Cokeville Miracle
Production company Remember Films
Distributed by Excel Entertainment Group
Release date 5 June 2015
Running time 94 minutes