Is Altaria a good competitive Pokemon?

Is Altaria a good competitive Pokémon?

Mega Altaria’s fantastic typing, high all-around base stats, and deep movepool filled with useful offensive, defensive, and supportive options combine to make it one of the best Pokemon in the tier.

What is the best held item for Altaria?

-Leftovers is an item option that can give Altaria a little more staying power, but at the cost of reducing its already low damage output. -Outrage can be considered to give much more power than Dragon Claw, but being locked into it invites Steel or Fairy types to switch in.

Is Altaria special or physical?

Special Attacker

Type Ground
Category Physical
Power 100 BP
Accuracy 100%

Is dragon dance a good move for Altaria?

Dragon Dance is used to boost Speed and Attack, making it more powerful, and faster. Easily gets away with it having Roost as reliable recovery. Dragon Claw is STAB and has good neutral coverage, Earthquake complements it nicely by hitting Steel types that resists Dragon Claw.

Who is the best dragon type Pokémon?

The 10 Best Dragon Types In Pokemon GO

  1. 1 Shadow Dragonite. Although a regular Salamence is considerably better than a regular Dragonite, while in their Shadow forms, the latter just about comes out on top.
  2. 2 Shadow Salamence.
  3. 3 Garchomp.
  4. 4 Reshiram.
  5. 5 Rayquaza.
  6. 6 Palkia.
  7. 7 Zekrom.
  8. 8 Dialga.

What kills Mega Altaria?

Poison-types: Offensive Poison-types such as Choice Scarf Gengar and Choice Scarf Nihilego can revenge kill Mega Altaria, while defensive ones such as Crobat and Toxapex can take multiple hits and prevent it from boosting with Taunt or Haze.

Is Flygon a good Pokémon?

Flygon, a Pokémon with good stats, a good typing and a good move-pool, yet it’s stuck in the Borderline tier because of a perceived inferiority to its fellow Dragons. But, things aren’t all bad for Flygon. Unlike Salamence, Flygon has STAB on its Earthquake, and unlike Garchomp, it has Roost and a Ground immunity.

What kills Mega altaria?

Is Mega altaria viable?

Even without other Poison types on the field to boost, Mega Beedrill is still an excellent counter, as its Bug and Poison typing mean it takes reduced damage from Fairy type attacks. However, it does take double damage from Flying type attacks, so moveset is important here.

Is Mega Altaria viable?

What is the rarest dragon type Pokemon?

Haxorus is a rare Dragon-type who doesn’t even have wings.

Who is better salamence or Garchomp?

Although it really does depend on what you are looking for in your team; Salamence is more of a tank than a sweeper, and Garchomp is more of a sweeper than a tank. Overall, I’d choose Salamence, as it has better stats, a good movepool, and lots of pontential.

What is Altaria weakness?

As a Dragon type, Altaria is pretty hearty as it is, but Flying always opened it up to some horrible weaknesses (Rock, Electric). Though now that it’s assumed the Fairy type, Altaria’s weakness to Ice is a manageable x2 and it’s weakness to other Dragons is completely gone.

What is the best move set for Pokemon?

In terms of overall best quick moves in the game, regardless of Pokemon, here are the top 10, with #1 being the move that deals the most possible damage per second. Steel Wing. Dragon Tail. Iron Tail. Rock Throw. Counter.

Is Altaria a legendary?

Altaria (Legendary Treasures 92) Altaria (Japanese: チルタリス Tyltalis) is a Dragon-type Stage 1 Pokémon card. It is part of the Legendary Treasures expansion.

What level does Altaria evolve?

Altaria (Japanese: チルタリス Tyltalis) is a dual-type Dragon/Flying Pokémon introduced in Generation III. It evolves from Swablu starting at level 35. It can Mega Evolve into Mega Altaria using the Altarianite.