How to reload current state in angular?

How to reload current state in angular?

So a collegue of mine showed me a nice little trick for it.

  1. Get your Data.
  2. In your apps config create a loading state.
  3. Save the state you want to go to in the rootscope.
  4. Set your location to “/loading” in your app.run.
  5. In the loading controller resolve the routing promise and then set the location to your intended target.

What is state reload?

angular-ui-router State transition Reload current state Running a reload on your state will also restart your controller/s and re-resolve all your resolved values.

What is state go in AngularJS?

The UI router is (or should be) the go to routing mechanism for developing any AngularJS 1. A state corresponds to a “place” in the application in terms of the overall UI and navigation. The UI router manages the transition between these states.

How do you reload the same component in AngularJS 7?

Use the this. ngOnInit(); to reload the same component instead reloading the entire page!!

How do you reload state react?

import React from ‘react’; function App() { function refreshPage() { window. location. reload(false); } return ( Click to reload!

What is UI router?

UI-Router is the defacto standard for routing in AngularJS. Influenced by the core angular router $route and the Ember Router, UI-Router has become the standard choice for routing non-trivial apps in AngularJS (1. x).

How do you apply a scope?

You need to use $apply every time you use something that is not “angular way”, like Anzeo told about $timeout. For example if you use jQuery’s http instead of angular’s $http, you will have to add $scope. $apply. The $apply, should be used when the code is not executed in a angular digest loop.

What is UI-Router?

Which angular package is used to route to URL?

Router Concepts The Angular router is in its own library package, @angular/router. Import what you need from it as you would from any other Angular package. It is an optional service that presents a particular component view for a given URL.

How do I reload ngOnInit?

“angular refresh ngoninit” Code Answer’s

  1. reloadComponent() {
  2. let currentUrl = this. router. url;
  3. this. router. routeReuseStrategy. shouldReuseRoute = () => false;
  4. this. router. onSameUrlNavigation = ‘reload’;
  5. this. router. navigate([currentUrl]);
  6. }

What is RouteReuseStrategy?

Nov 18, 2019·3 min read. RouteReuseStrategy : In simple sentence it caches the components and prevent it from reload the components again and again. While in angular to navigate from one page to another page, we have an concept called Routing. By using this we can redirect from one page to another.

How do I reload Windows in react?

You can use window. location. reload(); in your componentDidMount() lifecycle method. If you are using react-router , it has a refresh method to do that.