How much does The Emily Program pay?

How much does The Emily Program pay?

The average The Emily Program salary ranges from approximately $51,076 per year for a Technician to $75,723 per year for a Registered Nurse. The average The Emily Program hourly pay ranges from approximately $20 per hour for an Administrative Assistant to $34 per hour for a Registered Nurse.

What does The Emily Program do?

The Emily Program provides personalized eating disorder treatment for teens, young adults, and adults. We offer comprehensive psychological, nutritional, medical and psychiatric care at multiple locations across the Minneapolis-St.

Is The Emily Program free?

The Emily Program offers free evening Family and Friends Support Groups open to the public. No need to register; just drop in. (Please note: This group is intended for family and friends providing support to loved ones with an eating disorder.

How long is The Emily Program?

The Emily Program is keenly focused on placing clients in the level of care that is right for them because appropriate care is the best way to ensure effective treatment and lasting recovery. The average stay in residential treatment is typically between 3-4 weeks.

Why is it called The Emily Program?

Dr. Miller named his new practice The Emily Program, after his sister, Emily, who recovered from an eating disorder. The Emily name has come to signify the core values behind our successes: personalized care for all individuals struggling with eating disorders.

Who owns The Emily Program?

Chris Durbin, chairman of the Veritas board, will serve as chairman for the merged company, and Dirk Miller, founder of The Emily Program, will serve as founding executive chairman. Highly respected clinicians from across the two organizations form the merged company’s clinical leadership team.

Does The Emily Program work?

The Emily Program is nationally recognized for its compassionate, evidence-based approach to eating disorder treatment and lifelong recovery. We understand the tangled complexities of eating disorders, often from personal experience.

How did The Emily Program get its name?

When Dirk Miller opened his new clinic for people with eating disorders, he named it for his sister, Emily, who had recovered from an eating disorder. Through the years, that name has come to signify personalized care for all individuals struggling with eating disorders – the hallmark of The Emily Program.

What happened to Emily from intervention?

Her daughter Emily — an Iowa State University alumnus — died last summer after battling anorexia for 20 years. Emily’s eating disorder started during her freshman year at ISU in 1989. She participated in outpatient treatment, coming out of the program with “a healthier attitude and outlook,” her mother said.

Who started The Emily Program?

Jillian Lampert, introducing The Emily Program founder, Dr. Dirk Miller. Dirk recounted the early days of The Emily Program, where he had only one staff member and they used milk crates for tables.