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How much does Meukow Cognac cost?

How much does Meukow Cognac cost?


Size 750ML
Proof 80.00

Is Meukow Cognac any good?

Established around a century-and-a-half ago, Meukow is a legendary Cognac house. This delicious VS is an elegant, great value-for-money blend which will work superbly in cocktails, or after a fine meal.

Where is Meukow VS Cognac from?

Meukow Cognac was founded in 1862 by brothers Auguste-Christophe and Gustav Meukow after several trips in and out of the Cognac region of France to secure a product supply to the Tsar of Russia.

What kind of liquor is Meukow?

As the name suggests, Cognac Meukow is one of the few Russian Cognac brands in the Charente region. In 1862 two brothers were sent over to France to supply the Tsar with Cognac and decided to start their own Cognac distillery.

What brand of cognac is the best?

Here, the best cognacs available.

  • Best Overall: Frapin Château Fontpinot XO.
  • Best VS: Bache-Gabrielsen Tre Kors.
  • Best VSOP: Hardy VSOP.
  • Best Innovation: Camus Ile de Ré Fine Island.
  • Best Double Cask: Pierre Ferrand Réserve.
  • Best Under $50: Jean Fillioux Coq.
  • Best for a Sidecar: Pierre Ferrand Ambré

Who owns Meukow cognac?

Meukow is now distributed in more than 80 countries. Nowadays, Philippe Coste, son of Michel, supported by his two sisters, Marie-Laure Brugerolle and Céline Viard, manages the business.

What brand of Cognac is the best?

Who owns Meukow Cognac?

How much is a bottle of Hennessy?

Hennessy bottle sizes and prices

Bottle name Size Est. Price (USD)
Hennessy V.S 700 ml $60
Hennessy V.S.O.P 700 ml $85
Hennessy X.O 700 ml $200
Hennessy Paradis 700 ml $1100

How much is Meukow v.o.p.superior Cognac?

Meukow V.S.O.P. Superior Cognac (Golden Bottle Limited Edition) (1x70cl) $ 82.90 $ 118.43 / 1000ml no sales tax applies

What are the flavors of Meukow extra old Cognac?

Eye: Golden amber. Nose: Rather floral, slightly fruity. Orange confit and prunes. Palate: More flower flavors and candied fruit. An intense flavor of almonds and hazelnuts. The finale is strong, with notes of cocoa and leather. Spice and smoky hints come to the fore.

What kind of awards does Meukow Cognac win?

Meukow Cognacs have won numerous awards, for instance, the Cognac Trophy (Best Cognac of the Competition among all categories) from the International Wine and Spirits Competition in London in 2004. Or the Pack d’Or, an award for innovative packaging in 2003 and 2005.

How much is a bottle of Meukow VSOP 3Cl?

Meukow VSOP 3cl Sample VSOP Cognac, Meukow, France, French Miniature <200ml $ 5.70 ex. sales tax Go to Shop Bottle $ 32.99 ex. sales tax Go to Shop Bottle $ 34.99 ex. sales tax Go to Shop Bottle $ 35.99 ex. sales tax Go to Shop Bottle $ 37.95 ex. sales tax Go to Shop Bottle $ 42.99 ex. sales tax Go to Shop