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How much do neon tetras cost UK?

How much do neon tetras cost UK?

Price from £1.13 The neon tetra has a light-blue back over a silver-white abdomen.

Can I keep 4 neon tetras?

It’s best to keep the Neon Tetras in a group of at least 6. However, a group of 10 is an ideal number, though. For the 10 Neon Tetras, a 10-gallons aquarium is the best. Furthermore, if you keep 15-20 Neon Tetras, then increase the tank size to 20-gallons of water.

Are neon tetras high maintenance?

The neon tetra is one of the most popular fish in the hobby with around 2 million sold in the US every month. They are easy to feed and take care of and are ideal for beginners to the hobby. The only thing you need to bear in mind is the strict water parameters.

Why are neon tetras dying?

The major cause of deaths of neon tetras is the change in water parameters and insecurity. When there are only a few neon tetras kept together, they become stressed and die. Also, neon tetras cannot resist sudden changes in water parameters and die eventually.

Do neon tetras need a heater?

They are tropical fish, and therefore need to be kept in heated aquariums. While your aquarium may get to the desired temperature range for the most of the day, most is not enough for our neon friends. An aquarium heater is a necessary investment, and your Neon Tetra will thank you for it.

Are neon tetras good for beginners?

With their bright neon blue coloration, neon tetras have been a favorite among fishkeepers for ages. With colors that rival marine fish, they are indeed one of the most beautiful freshwater species to keep. Only reaching one inch in length, they certainly are able to fit comfortably into most beginner’s tanks.

Do neon tetras play dead?

Neons are speedy and small, allowing them to escape from predators quickly and hide. They do not play dead in order to avoid capture. Neon Tetras Disease can be introduced to a tank through the addition of a parasite.

Can neon tetras survive without a heater?

No, Neon Tetras cannot survive in the absence of a heater; they develop diseases like Fin rot, etc. As mentioned above, the ideal temperature for Neon tetras is between 72 to 78 °F, and most of the time the normal room temperature is between 72°F to 74°F making the probability of survival of Neon Tetras nearly zero.

Do you need to take care of neon tetra fish?

While Neon Tetras are one of the easier fish to care for, that doesn’t mean their care requirements should be looked over or neglected. They still have specific water parameters that need to be met in order for them to be healthy. Let’s break down the most common neon tetra care questions:

Where can you find neon tetra fish in South America?

The Neon Tetra is a pelagic freshwater fish native to tropical parts of northern South America. The Neon tetra originates from westerns Brazil, south-eastern Colombia and eastern Peru and wild Neon Tetras can be found in the headwaters of the River Amazon, Tiger, Napo and Yarapa. It is present in both blackwater and clearwater stream tributaries.

How are neon tetras adapted to the tropical environment?

The flow through tropical regions and the water temperature stays around 20 – 26° C (), sometimes higher. The commercial bred Neon Tetras have often been adapted to conditions that are very different from those found in their native habitat. Today, an introduced population of Neon Tetra is established in Singapore.

What kind of disease does a neon tetra have?

One condition is even named after the fish, called Neon Tetra Disease. This health problem is very dangerous and has the potential to wipe out your entire tank. Even though this disease is common, there’s no known cure. However, there is some information about how it afflicts Neon Tetras.