How many words are there in HSK 4?

How many words are there in HSK 4?

Comparison with CEFR levels

Level Words (sum) Characters (sum)
6 5000 2663
5 2500 1685
4 1200 1064

How many words are in the HSK?


HSK Level Characters Known Words Known
HSK 3 623 600
HSK 4 1,071 1,200
HSK 5 1,709 2,500
HSK 6 2,633 5,000

How many hours is HSK 4?

We generally recommend taking the HSK 4 test on computer if you have the option (find out why here). The computer-based HSK 4 test time is 100 minutes. This means with check-in (20-30 minutes), the HSK 4 test takes a bit more than two hours. There are three sections on the HSK 4 test: Listening, Reading, and Writing.

How fluent is HSK 4?

The HSK tests put basic fluency around Level 4, but Level 6 is when you can effectively express yourself in spoken or written Chinese. Just remember that fluently speaking those characters and words doesn’t completely depend on knowing how to read or write them.

What does HSK 4 mean?

The HSK (Level IV) assesses test takers’ abilities in the application of everyday Chinese (Mandarin). Test takers who are able to pass the HSK (Level IV) can converse in Chinese on a wide range of topics and are able to communicate fluently with native Chinese speakers.

Is HSK Level 5 hard?

How Hard is HSK 5? HSK 5 is not a difficult test. It’s much easier than other official language tests, such as the TOEFL exam for English learners or the DELE exam for Spanish ones.

How long does it take the average person to learn Mandarin?

It takes a learner with average aptitude only 15 weeks to reach level 2 for Spanish or French, but about 50 weeks to reach a similar level of the Chinese language. If you want to be fully fluent in Mandarin, you’d better plan to spend about 230 weeks, which is about 4 years.

Can I learn Mandarin in 6 months?

Can you become fluent in Chinese after 6 months? Simply put, no. It’s not possible. You can make great progress for sure, but fluency is a broad term, and you’d need a minimum of a year to get even close to spoken fluency in Chinese.

Is HSK 4 an intermediate?

In general, HSK1 and HSK2 are considered beginner’s level; HSK 3 to 4 are categorized under intermediate level; and HSK5 and HSK6 are regarded as advanced level.

What are the vocabulary words in HSK 4?

Here’s the full list of HSK4 words (plus some!) with all the info you need: Chinese, Pinyin, English and 2 example sentences for each. This is great if you want to make your own flashcard deck (Anki) or just check them off through a spreadsheet.

How long does it take to get the HSK 4?

Or, if you want to relax a bit, let’s put it this: say you learn an average of 100 words a month for one year (25 words a week), you should have HSK 4 within a year, 5 within 2, and six within 4. It seems far-fetched, but it’s pretty possible.

What do you need to know about HSK Level 6?

Our HSK 1-6 Full Vocabulary Guide contains all 5000 HSK vocabularies grouped by level but without sentences. This book is great for you to make sure you know all 600 vocabularies of previous levels and can be of use for you up to the final HSK level 6. The second type of books are HSK 4 mock exams.

What does the number before the slash mean in HSK4?

The number before the slash means the new vocabulary within that level, the number after the slash means the accumulated vocabulary. Based on our rough estimation, if you are currently an HSK4 level student, with the new standards, you will be regarded as “Elementary Level, Band 2”.