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How many people are in Hailakandi?

How many people are in Hailakandi?

Demographic Setup

Total Area 1327.00 Sq Km 659,296
Male Population 337,890 321,406
Rural Population 611,156 48,140
SC Population (%) 10.72 0.1
Population Growth (%) 21.45 497/Km Sq

How many villages are there in Hailakandi?

393 villages
The district is divided into four revenue circles comprising a total of 393 villages (including 27 forest villages).

What is the capital of hailakandi?

It was constituted as a civil subdivision on 1 June 1869. Subsequently, it was upgraded to district in 1989. The headquarter town is Hailakandi itself. The district Headquarter is 350 KM away from the state capital Guwahati….HAILAKANDI DISTRICT.

Male : 3,38,766
Female : 3,20,494
Sex Ratio : 946
Density : 497 per sq. km

Who is the DC of hailakandi?

Rohan Kumar Jha

Person name Designation Email
Rohan Kumar Jha, IAS Deputy Commissioner [email protected]
Gaurav Upadhyay, IPS Superintendent of Police [email protected]
Ranjit Kumar Laskar, ACS District Development Commissioner N/A
Joydeep Shukla, ACS Chief Executive Officer, Zilla Parishad [email protected]

How many Muslims are in Karimganj district?

As per official census 2011 and population data 2021 of Karimganj district, Muslim are majority in Karimganj state….Karimganj District Religion Census 2011.

District Karimganj
Population 1,228,686
Hindu 42.48 %
Muslim 56.36 %
Christian 0.98 %

Which district has highest population in Assam?

Districts of Assam

# District Population
1 Nagaon 2,823,768
2 Dhubri 1,949,258
3 Sonitpur 1,924,110
4 Cachar 1,736,617

What is the meaning of Mouza?

In Bangladesh, Pakistan and parts of India a Mouza or Mauza is a type of administrative district, corresponding to a specific land area within which there may be one or more settlements. Before the 20th century, the term referred to a revenue collection unit in a pargana or revenue district.

How many GP are there in Assam?

Panchayati Raj Institutions in Assam

Level Name of PRI Numbers
District Panchayat Zilla Parishad 21
Intermediate Panchayat Anchalik Panchayat 185
Village Panchayat Gaon Panchayat 2201

How many GP are there in Hailakandi district?

14 GPs
Location : Hailakandi District, Assam. area of Algapur and Hailakandi Development Block of Hailakandi District spanning between North latitude 24°40′ to 24°51′ and East 92°31′ to 92°40′ . All total 233 Habitations of 14 GPs of these two development block shall be benefited by the project.

Who is the SP of Assam?

District Superintendents of Police

Name Designation STD
Shri Hitesh Ch.Roy, APS SP, Kamrup 0361
Shri Amitava Sinha, APS SP, Barpeta 03665
Shri Ankur Jain, IPS SP, Jorhat 0376
Shri Rakesh Raushan, IPS SP, Sivasagar 03772

Who is the present DC of Silchar?

Keerthi Jalli
Who is who

Sl.No Name of Officer/ Officials Email-id
1. Keerthi Jalli, IAS [email protected]
2. J.R. Lalsim, ACS [email protected]
3. Sri. Shamim Ahmed Laskar. [email protected]
4. Sri. Tushar Kanti Dey.

How many Muslims are in the Goalpara district?

Goalpara District Religion Census 2011

District Goalpara
Population 1,008,183
Hindu 34.51 %
Muslim 57.52 %
Christian 7.72 %

How many villages are in Hailakandi district of Assam?

Hailakandi is a Taluk located in Hailakandi district of Assam. It is one of 4 Taluks of Hailakandi district. There are 64 villages and 1 towns in Hailakandi Taluk. As per the Census India 2011, Hailakandi Taluk has 36922 households, population of 166897 of which 85818 are males and 81079 are females.

What was the population of Hailakandi in 2001?

Enumeration of key persons was also done by census officials in Hailakandi District of Assam. In 2011, Hailakandi had population of 659,296 of which male and female were 337,890 and 321,406 respectively. In 2001 census, Hailakandi had a population of 542,872 of which males were 280,513 and remaining 262,359 were females.

What is the sex ratio of Hailakandi district?

Hailakandi has a sex ratio of 946 females for every 1000 males. The Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes had a population of 70,659 and 691 respectively. There were 407,366 literates as of 2011, giving it a Crude literacy rate of 61.8% and an Effective literacy (7+ population) of 74.3%.

Which is the district headquarters of Hailakandi district?

It comprises two notified towns viz. Hailakandi (district headquarters) and Lala and one industrial town ship viz. Panchgram a Municipal Board governs Hailakandi town & a town Committee governs Lala. It has five development blocks viz. Algapur, Hailakandi, Lala, Katlicherra & South Hailakandi development Block.