How many medal events did the 2006 Winter Olympics feature?

How many medal events did the 2006 Winter Olympics feature?

84 medal events
Sports. The 2006 Winter Olympics featured 84 medal events over 15 disciplines in 7 sports. Events that made their Olympic debut in Turin included mass start biathlon, team sprint cross-country skiing, snowboard cross and team pursuit speed skating.

How many gold medals did the US win in the 2006 Olympics?

He won gold in the 1,000 m and followed that with a silver medal in the 1,500 m. Ice dancers Tanith Belbin and Benjamin Agosto won America’s first figure skating ice dancing medal in 30 years….Medalists.

Medal Gold
Name Shani Davis
Sport Speed skating
Event Men’s 1000 meters
Date February 18

How many medals did Canada win in 2006 Winter Olympics?

Canada’s total medal count of 24 was the highest ever won by the nation in any Winter Olympics, and was the second highest total for the country at any Olympic games (summer or winter), exceeded only by the 44 medals won at the 1984 Summer Olympics which were boycotted by the Soviet Union and other Eastern Bloc …

Who was the 2006 Winter Olympics host?

In 2006 the Winter Games returned to Italy after a 50-year absence. Unlike the 1956 Games, which were held in the small resort town of Cortina d’Ampezzo, the 2006 Games were hosted by Turin, an industrial city and provincial capital located in northwestern Italy.

Who has the second most Olympic gold medals?

This is a partial list of multiple Olympic gold medalists, listing people who have won four or more Olympic gold medals….List of most Olympic gold medals over career.

Athlete Michael Phelps
Gold 23
Silver 3
Bronze 2
Total 28

Which is the largest city to ever host the Winter Olympics?

With a population of more than 900,000, Turin became the largest city ever to host the Olympic Winter Games. A record 2,508 athletes from 80 National Olympic Committees (NOCs) competed, and 26 NOCs took home medals—another record.

Which country got the most gold medals in the Turin Italy 2006 Olympics?

2006 Winter Olympics medal table

2006 Winter Olympics medals
Location Turin, Italy
Most gold medals Germany (11)
Most total medals Germany (29)