How many games did the NFL play in 2014?

How many games did the NFL play in 2014?

Regular season. The 2014 regular season featured 256 games played out over a seventeen-week schedule which began on the Thursday night following Labor Day. Each of the league’s 32 teams played a 16-game schedule with one bye week for each team scheduled between weeks four and twelve.

What are the most consecutive starts in NFL history?

Here is a list of the records in the National Football League set by individual players. Note: These records are not listed in the NFL Record and Fact Book. For a more detailed list of consecutive starts and games played, see List of most consecutive starts and games played by National Football League players.

Who are the most touchdowns in NFL history?

Most seasons leading league touchdowns: 8, Don Hutson, 1935–1938, 1941–1944. Most consecutive seasons leading league touchdowns: 4, Don Hutson, 1935–1938, 1941–1944. Most touchdowns, career: 208, Jerry Rice, 1985–2004. Most touchdowns, season: 31, LaDainian Tomlinson, 2006.

Who are the refs for the 2014 NFL season?

Ron Torbert, who spent the past four seasons as a side judge, and Craig Wrolstad, who spent the past 11 seasons as a field judge, were promoted to referee to replace Green and Winter. On June 25, 2014, the NFL announced Mike Carey ‘s retirement as a referee.

What’s the record of every NFL team at home?

Scroll down to see every team’s 10-year record at home. Note: We excluded the Rams’ record in St. Louis and the Chargers’ record in San Diego, but included their results since relocating to Los Angeles.

What is the NFL win-loss record at home?

What is every NFL team’s straight up win-loss record at home? Includes the 2021 season plus historical records.

What was the TV contract for the NFL in 2014?

2014 was the first season under a nine-year television contract with CBS (almost all AFC afternoon away games), Fox (almost all NFC afternoon away games), NBC ( Sunday Night Football games, Thanksgiving night game, and the Kickoff game); and an eight-year contract with ESPN ( Monday Night Football games).