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How many candy grams did Glen Coco get?

How many candy grams did Glen Coco get?

four candy canes
When he arrives at a nondescript student named Glen Coco (David Reale), he announces: “Four for you, Glen Coco! You go, Glen Coco!” The fact that Glen Coco receives four candy canes—and a supposedly popular “mean girl” gets none—suggests a lot of people like him.

What are candy cane grams?

A Candy cane is a hard-candy shaped like a cane. In Mean Girls, students can send each other candy canes as a gift during Christmas, which they refer to as Candy Cane-grams. Like mentioned above, students at North Shore High School are able to send one another Candy Cane-grams.

Is Glen Coco a real person?

Tina Fey Says Glen Coco Is a Real Person! Glen Coco is not only a brief but memorable character-turned-meme in Mean Girls; he’s a real person. Tina Fey recently told Entertainment Weekly that she named him after someone she actually knows! “I tried to use real names in writing because it’s just easier.

How old is Glen Coco?

#3 Glen Coco (David) is now 35 years old.

Who is Glen Coco for hair?

Glen Coco is a Bronx, New York, native living in Los Angeles as a professional celebrity hairstylist and emerging actor. Glen stumbled into his hairstyling career during the 2008 recession. Although he is most known for his sexy glamour styles on women, he got his start working on men.

Why is Glen Coco so famous?

As the anonymous high schooler who gets four (FOUR!!) candy cane grams from the kid dressed as Santa Claus, Glen Coco represents one of the most iconic lines of the film. It’s become a stand-in for positive affirmation; the “you go girl!” one-liner of noughties teen cinema and went on to spawn a million memes.

What is a candygram?

candy that can be ordered by wire for delivery with an accompanying message, as on the recipient’s birthday or anniversary.

What can I write on a candy cane gram?

Just settle with one of the below:

  1. “Have an awesome holiday!” cause then they will think you care.
  2. “You’re really awesome!” because if they’re asking you to give them a candy gram they probably need an ego boost.
  3. “I hope your winter break is fun!” That’s always a good one to have up your sleeve if everything else fails.

What does Coco mean in slang?

Cō′co-nut, Cō′coa-nut, the well-known fruit of the coco-palm: (slang) a man’s head. [Port. and Sp. coco, a bugbear; applied to the nut from the three marks at the end of it, which form a grotesque face.]

Where does the saying you go Glen Coco come from?

This line is spoken by Damian, played by Daniel Franzese, dressed as Santa and delivering Candy CaneGgrams, in the movie Mean Girls, directed by Mark Waters (2004). Gretchen Wieners wasn’t able to make fetch happen, but Tina Fey was able to make Mean Girls happen.

How do candy grams work?

Candy grams are gifts of candy that are given out with special messages from the sender. You can send someone a candy gram for holidays, or “just because,” and there are no rules about what types of candy to include.

What do you say on a candy gram?

Why did Glen Coco get four candy canes?

The fact that Glen Coco receives four candy canes—and a supposedly popular “mean girl” gets none—suggests a lot of people like him. While Glen Coco otherwise plays no part in the plot, the character is fondly remembered for the scene. / > Taylor Zimmermann, 2 for you.

Who is the real Glen Coco from Mean Girls?

The real-life Glen Coco remembers his time on Mean Girls. Actor David Reale sneaked onto set for a free lunch and became part of teen movie history. You might not know David Reale’s face, but you know Glen Coco from Mean Girls.

Why do we say ” you go Glen Coco “?

Quote “Four for you Glen Coco, You GO Glen Coco! ….And none for Gretchen Weiners.Bye” by actor Daniel Franzese as “Damian”(while dressed as Santa.)It has replaced “You Go Girl” and You Go Boy” as the official “You Go” statement for youth today. The admiration for Glen Coco comes from the fact that we: