How long does Steam Support Take 2020?

How long does Steam Support Take 2020?

Assuming that this falls under Purchase & Billing Support, it currently takes between 4.55 hours and 17.07 hours.

How long does Steam support take to answer?

Steam Support Stats Updated: September 22, 2021 @ 12:00am

Request Category Submitted Last 24 Hours Typical Response Times
Account Security & Recovery 24,571 2.43 hours to 20.08 hours
Purchase & Billing Support 7,042 2.32 hours to 18.37 hours
Game & Steam Technical Support 3,873 1.18 hours to 2.15 days

How can I contact Steam Support fast?

How do I contact Steam Support? Visit for help with your issue. The Help site will guide you to self-solve the issue or send a help request to the Steam Support team.

Does Steam support respond?

In a 24 hour period, Steam typically sees around 75,000 support requests come in. Of those, at any one time around 8,000 await a reply from Steam customer support staff. The breakdown of what category each request falls into is also fascinating.

Does Steam support use discord?

Steam Support doesn’t do this anymore. A Steam moderator will never contact you via chat or a third-party app like Discord for any reason. A Steam moderator will never mediate between you and another user.

What if my steam account gets hacked?

How to Fix A Hacked Steam Account. First, users should use their anti-virus programs to scan their computers. It also means Steam Support will be able to assist users without interference. Once those above steps have been completed, users can recover their Steam account by changing their password via Steam’s help page.

Does Steam support work on weekends?

The stats clearly show they do work weekends, otherwise the ticket backlog (i.e. the red line) would get inflated by the number of tickets submitted (i.e. the blue line) on the two days of the weekend.

What do I do if my steam gift card doesn’t work?

If your code is damaged or unreadable, take the card or CD back to the retailer and have them give you a new code. If you had not used the code, most stores would issue you a replacement card with a new code, and some will help you figure out the damaged code.

What is Steam support email?

Steam Guard emails are sent to the last email address registered for your Steam account. Add [email protected] and [email protected] to your contacts or trusted senders list within your email client. Wait up to 30 minutes for the email to be delivered.

Can your Steam account get banned?

If a user has violated any terms of the Steam Subscriber Agreement, which the user has accepted during the free registration process on Steam, their account may be blocked or restricted. As pointed out before, Steam account bans may occur when there is a breach of at least one term of the Steam Subscriber Agreement.

Can Steam admins delete your account?

If you comply with the fake Steam admin you can lose your accounts, your game items, and even money.

Has Steam been hacked 2020?

Steam, the popular game delivery platform on Valve has been hacked and there’s a chance that credit card information might have However, they’ve warned users to keep an eye on their credit cards. The next step in the process would be to ask all users to change their passwords, the next time they log in.