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How long does a Lombardy poplar live?

How long does a Lombardy poplar live?

15 years
Lombardy Poplar Pros and Cons It is virtually impossible to prevent or treat this disease. Stem canker disease reduces the average life span of the Lombardy poplar to 10 or 15 years. The only thing you can do to help combat the disease is to trim off and burn infected branches.

How fast does a Lombardy poplar tree grow?

6 feet per year
Lombardy Poplars commonly grow 6 feet per year, with some reaching growth rates of 9 to 12 feet.

What is killing my poplar trees?

Many insects can attack your poplar tree, but the most common pests are scale insects, mealybugs and cottony cushion scales, poplar petiole gall aphids, leaf beetles and foliage-feeding caterpillars.

Do poplar trees break easily?

There are many problems with Poplar trees . Poplar tree branches are extremely fragile. A small child can easily break these branches off without much effort. In high winds these branches break off and at times even entire limbs snap and fall to the ground, damaging cars, homes and surrounding landscapes.

Are Lombardy poplar roots invasive?

The roots are invasive and can clog pipes, lift sidewalks, and invade lawns. Young suckers may emerge at the base of the tree or above roots. In fact, the Missouri Botanical Garden states that Lombardy poplar is not a good landscape tree for those reasons.

What is the life expectancy of a poplar tree?

Poplar roots tend to be shallow, so you should plant them well away from your house or any outbuildings. You can expect these trees to live 30 to 50 years.

Is poplar a good tree?

Poplars are wonderful backyard trees, good for specimen planting as well as wind-rows. However, like every species, they have disadvantages. The other downside of poplars is that they don’t live long. Even with the best poplar tree care, specimens die in about 50 years and you’ll have to plant again.

Are Lombardy poplar trees messy?

Lombardy poplars are high-maintenance trees. They create a mess, dropping leaves and twigs that must be swept regularly to keep the area around the tree neat. Due to the tree’s brittle wood, branches also break and drop off easily during rough weather.

Is Poplar a good tree?