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How is atlas subluxation treated?

How is atlas subluxation treated?

Undiagnosed Atlas Subluxation in Patient with Pain and Poor Myofascial Function. A patient is treated with a combination of Sarapin and bupivacaine injections prior to myofascial trigger point therapy, but pain and lack of range of motion in neck persists.

What happens when your atlas is out?

The atlas shifts out of place ever so slightly and presses upon, stretches, or otherwise impinges on the nerves of the brain stem. This causes interference in the nerve flow between the brain and body and most commonly affects the muscles along the spine, typically tightening the muscles along one side.

How many atlas adjustments are needed?

The accuracy of the procedure affords the patient longer lasting effects. Thus, one or two adjustments in many cases is usually all that is needed to get proven results.

What causes C1-C2 subluxation?

Rotational subluxation or dislocation of C1 on C2. Can develop from osseous or ligamentous abnormalities resulting from acquired or congenital disorders. As a result of instability, excessive motion and spinal cord compression may occur at the atlantoaxial joint.

Can a misaligned atlas be fixed?

The Atlas Orthogonal adjustment is a safe, painless spinal correction procedure that restores balance to the body and improves body function through correct atlas vertebra alignment.

How do I adjust my atlas?

To adjust your atlas, we use an Atlas Orthogonal Precision Adjusting Instrument. This instrument may sound intimidating, but it’s actually completely painless – literally, you won’t feel a thing. You simply lie on your side and the doctor places the tip of the instrument just below your earlobe.

Can a chiropractor adjust your atlas?

Chiropractic adjustments address many different parts of the spine; Atlas Orthogonal adjustments, however, focus exclusively on the atlas vertebra, the underlying cause for many health and pain problems.” With Atlas Orthogonal adjustments, Dr. A precise tap behind the ear brings the atlas into correct alignment.

How is Atlas subluxation treated in the neck?

A patient is treated with a combination of Sarapin and bupivacaine injections prior to myofascial trigger point therapy, but pain and lack of range of motion in neck persists. The case report below describes how a team of clinicians unravels the underlying pathology in this patient.

What kind of pain does the atlas misalignment cause?

The Atlas Misalignment. The Atlas Misalignment or Atlas Subluxation Complex: Introduction. Millions of people are walking around right now with unnecessary pain. People suffering from a wide range of conditions including headaches, fibromyalgia, migraines, trigeminal neuralgia, TMJ, arthritis, herniated disks, back pain and more.

What causes subluxation of the Atlas and Axis?

When damage to the connective tissues occurs due to accidents and injuries, Atlas and Axis can misalign and lock into a stressed abnormal position, resulting in pressure, tension, irritation, disruption to blood flow and cerebrospinal fluid circulation. Atlas/Axis subluxation will also result in Postural Distortion in the spine below.

How are cervical x-rays used to diagnose subluxation?

Cervical x-rays demonstrated C-1 subluxation based on abnormal deviations in the relationship to the vertical axis. There was a deviation of the atlas to the left, with the lower neck tilted significantly to the right and anterior rotation of the atlas (Figure 2).